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November 26, 2012

Times WV printing children’s letters to Santa

FAIRMONT — In the Poe household, once the Thanksgiving table was cleared, the leftovers were put away and the dishes were washed, we all grabbed the thick JC Penney catalog — the one that weighed at least 10 pounds — and started writing our letters to Santa.

I’m not sure why we chose that particular department store’s catalog other than it seemed to have everything you could possibly ever need back then, long before the Internet and email blasts and social networking. Back then, if you saw a commercial for a toy you really wanted, you were out of luck unless Mom or Dad happened to be in the room. The next time the commercial came on, you’d have to drag them into the living room or wait to show them the actual toy on a trip to the mall — if you were lucky enough to be able to drag them into the toy store.

Using crayons and fat pencils, eventually working my way up to Bic pens (the erasable ones because these letters were too important for mistakes), I sat down to write a letter I’d been thinking about for weeks and weeks but was banned from writing until after turkey dinner.

It started with, “Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year ...”

You always had to remind him of that, you know, since you had earned your place on the “nice” list for at least the past few days.

And it always ended with, “I will leave you milk and cookies and some carrots for the reindeer.” It sounds like a bribe, but you had to make it worthwhile for Santa to make the stop there.

Santa may make a list and check it twice, but I swear I would check that letter 10 times to make sure I had everything listed that I could possibly wish for. You know, other than a pony, because Mama Kay told me we didn’t have a big enough yard for a pony. Not that I ever really wanted a pony. It’s just one of those things that at some point every girl thinks she needs.


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