The Times West Virginian

October 3, 2012


U.S. Rep. David McKinley vs. Democratic challenger Sue Thorn

Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — U.S. Rep. David McKinley and Democratic challenger Sue Thorn answer a series of questions from the Times West Virginian editorial board. (Part 2 of 2)

The candidates visited the Times West Virginian editorial board and were each given seven questions to answer, in the hopes that readers and viewers would be more informed about the candidates and where they stand on critical issues.

The candidates answered the following questions:

1. Jobs: What do you believe will be the most effective way to create and maintain new jobs across the nation as well as across the 1st Congressional District?

2. Tax Cuts: Where do you stand on the Bush-era tax breaks? Should they be extended for all, only those making under $250,000 per year or eliminated all together?

3. Federal Deficit: Considering that the United States government currently has a federal deficit in excess of $16 trillion dollars what measures do you support to immediately address this critical dilemma?

4. Obamacare: Do you think the health-care overhaul legislation as it is today is sound, or are there aspects you would like to see eliminated, changed or modified?

5. Social Security & Medicare: Both of these critical entitlement programs are projected to be defunct in the near future, what measures do you support to ensure the long-term viability of these programs?

6. Energy: Americans are experiencing an ever-increasing rising cost of all forms of energy – do you support creation of a National Energy Policy and what should it entail in your opinion?

7. Why Vote for Me: And finally, what is the primary message you would like to get out to voters?