The Times West Virginian

May 20, 2011

FSHS Prom Slideshow

'Nights' on display

Times West Virginian

  1. Lucas Hilsbos dances with Lydia Wise Saturday evening at Fairmont Senior High School’s prom.
  2. Marcy Leon snaps some pictures of her daughter, Queen Camille Leon (right), and Chandler Fitzwater.
  3. Ross Dalton and Arieka Roush show off their dance moves.
  4. Camille Leon is crowned queen of the 2011 FSHS prom.
  5. Maya Haberland (from left), Jesica Boyers and Erica Aversa are all smiles Saturday at FSHS’s prom.
  6. Chandler Fitzwater dances with Zach Orgill during prom festivities Saturday evening.
  7. Pictured are the members of Fairmont Senior High School’s 2011 prom court. This year’s theme was “Arabian Nights.”