The Times West Virginian

January 22, 2013

Overcoming adversity

Huskies senior Audia Bartlett turns negative into positive

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — She’s had to overcome one of the worst fears an athlete can face — tearing her ACL.

For North Marion’s star point guard, Audia Bartlett knows that three-letter acronym all too well.

Two years ago, Bartlett was playing in a basketball game at St. Albans when the devastation occurred.

“We were at St. Albans in a tournament ... I remember running in from the left wing and I drove in past a few defenders,” Bartlett said. “I was going to lob the ball to Noca Singleton ... as soon as I went to do that, I landed on the ground and I heard the weirdest pop in my leg. I just went down in the fetal position and laid there after that.”

The next thing she saw was her mother and Coach Mike Parrish swarming the court to check on her.

But it wasn’t here when the shock set in.

“I honestly didn’t think anything was wrong because I stood up and walked over to the bench,” Bartlett said. “I thought I could go back into the game, but then my knee started swelling and we knew that it wasn’t normal. It put a fear in me.”

Typically, when athletes tear an ACL, they believe it’s a sprain since they can walk on a tear. The ACL doesn’t control the walking motion, which is from front to back; however, if athletes were to make a cut, they would be cringing from the pain that would shoot from their outside knee through their entire body.

Since the knee was so swollen, Bartlett’s mother was concerned.


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