The Times West Virginian

July 18, 2013

COLUMN: Hrapchak plays defense with passion

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Michigan.

The university that captured our beloved Rich Rodriguez and John Beilein. A team that is the same colors as the West Virginia Mountaineers (blue and gold).

But a team that isn’t very well liked in our neck of the woods.

One thing the Wolverines did well other than steal our coaches? Create the linebacker position.

The linebacker position was originally founded by Fielding Yost of the University of Michigan. He expanded the defensive front, collapsing three defensive ends behind the exterior of the defensive line, calling it a linebacker.

Linebackers generally align themselves before the ball is snapped by standing upright in a “two-point stance” as opposed to the defensive linemen, who put one or two hands on the ground for a “three-point stance” or “four-point stance” before the ball is snapped.

The goal of the linebacker is to provide either extra run protection or extra pass protection based on the particular defensive play being run.

But for Fairmont Senior’s Luke Hrapchak, playing linebacker is a position where he can put the fear of God in his opponents.

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