The Times West Virginian

December 30, 2012

East notches championship over North: PHOTOS

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

PLEASANT VALLEY — One of the biggest upsets of the year was lingering at the East Fairmont Duals on Saturday when the youth of North Marion were defeating East Fairmont, 36-31, heading into the last match of the evening.

A pin was the only thing that stood between East Fairmont winning and North Marion losing.

If the 275-pounder was pinned, East would win, 37-36.

So it was East’s John Bowman and North’s standout Alec Moscufo going head-to-head in the championship.

Within 30 seconds of the match, Moscufo was going in for the pin — then Bowman flipped positions and held Moscufo.

Moscufo couldn’t overcome the grip and Bowman’s clinch propelled the Bees to a win.

“I knew I needed a pin. I was going to go in and wrestle like I know how to wrestle,” Bowman said. “I wanted to stick with what I knew would work for me. I try to work for the under-hook and try to get a snatch-single. I try not to get under the bigger guys. He (Moscufo) tried to throw me so he could get the pin. I just rolled through it. It was crazy — it was just a split second from me getting pinned and not him. To come down with a one-point win and to get the win here at home means a lot.”

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