The Times West Virginian

August 14, 2013

North Marion lowers the boom as contact begins

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

RACHEL — Tora. Tora.

No, not the hard rockband formed in Memphis, Tenn., in 1985. It’s not the Japanese meaning for tiger.

But you know what the word means? No one truly knows the meaning, but it’s North Marion’s favorite hitting drill come time for Midnight Madness.

During the fifth annual Midnight Madness, North Marion’s football team continued the tradition started with coach Gerry White.

They begin the start of high school football “full-go” practices with a heavy dose of smacking each other around.

The event is taken so heavily that players prepare for Midnight Madness as if it were a real game.

“I wake up and talk to a bunch of my teammates,” North Marion’s starting linebacker and fullback Noah Redmond said. “This is where we get one another pumped up for the this. I get J.J. Rogers, Ryan Elliott, (Chase) Banker — we get each other pumped. Then you walk in here and Coach (Brad) Harker will get you fired up. It’s just awesome.”

Once the players walk onto the field, it’s go time.

The very first drill every year? Tora. Tora.

“I like the Oklahoma drill because we get to run the ball there,” North’s star receiver Banker said. “But, love Tora Tora. This is where you can hit the bloody snot out of our guys.”


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