The Times West Virginian

October 2, 2012

Third-party candidate defends Manchin

By Vicki Smith
Associated Press

SHEPHERDSTOWN — The third-party candidate in West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race says portraying incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin as anti-coal and in bed with the Obama administration is “ridiculous and absurd” and “a bald-faced lie.”

The Mountain Party’s Bob Henry Baber then punctuated his point with a profanity Tuesday at the end of an hourlong debate airing live on a college radio station.

Republican candidate John Raese and an audience member demanded an apology.

Baber did, offering the alternative phrase “bull crap.”

From the first moments of the debate, Raese accused Manchin of taking his orders from President Barack Obama.

Manchin insisted he’s the most centrist member of the Senate and that he’s repeatedly challenged the administration over environmental regulations, first as governor then as senator.