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July 19, 2008

McCain proposes $2B for clean coal


“But I also believe that we are in a conflict with radical Islamic extremists,” he added. “I don’t know if it is just going to be confined to the Middle East. I think we can see those manifestations in different parts of the world. Places like Madrid, England, etc. We’re going to have to provide for that security but we have to do it in (the most) sufficient, cost-saving way possible.”

McCain also has unveiled proposals aimed at bringing down the cost of health care as part of his overall economic plan. Among them is a plan to give individuals a $2,500 tax credit and families a $5,000 credit for medical insurance.

Many of McCain’s pledges are coming while he is at the same time proposing to balance the federal budget by 2013. And the president doesn’t act alone, which he acknowledged when asked about how he intended to accomplish many of his goals.

“I think the president has to lay out a policy and work with members of Congress to get legislation passed,” he said. “(Presidents) have to bully pulpit to persuade the American people to get behind policies.”

McCain pointed to a recent poll showing Congress with only a 9 percent approval rating among the American public.

“They’re ready for us to say ‘OK, we’ll work together,’” he said.

When the bus reached the halfway point between Huntington and the rally in Portsmouth, McCain’s staff concluded the interview to make way for a new group of reporters. At that point the senator thanked everyone on the bus and then promised to come back to Ohio in the future. And what about West Virginia?

“Yes sir, I’ll be coming here a lot,” he answered.

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