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April 12, 2013

HERTZEL COLUMN: Dana: ‘Nobody thinks we’re any good’

By Bob Hertzel
Times West Virginian

MORGANTOWN — If Dana Holgorsen had his way, this coaching thing would be a lot easier. See, he likes the coaching part of it, putting together an offense and a defense, making up plays, working practices.

But the ancillary stuff, you know, like press conferences, he does them but you can sense that he can’t wait for them to end. Things like that, well … just now Sports Illustrated has a story on former WVU quarterback Geno Smith.

You’d think there would be a lot of depth provided by his coach, Holgorsen, but no, according to SI, Holgorsen didn’t return the magazine’s call.

Sports Illustrated, that is. Obama calls them back when he needs the ink, but Holgorsen would rather be working on … well, working on the depth chart that he finally put out Thursday night.

Honest, 11 practices into the spring, Holgorsen scribbled together a depth chart for his sports information department.

Now he brought it forth with a warning.

“This is very tentative,” he said.


Holgorsen, at present, has no more real idea what his depth chart is than anyone else and he has been completely reluctant to even offer a guess for public consumption or, God forbid, for his players’ consumption.

But the spring game is coming soon and his SID Mike Montoro has to put something out, so he put him one together on an envelope and told him to turn it loose.

“The little guy in the back is pestering me for a depth chart for the spring game,” Holgorsen said of Montoro.

So he put it out with that warning about being tentative.

“We have not talked to guys about being starters,” he said. “It could change Saturday morning. It could change next Tuesday. It could change for the spring game.”

And surely, when 20 or so players show up in August you can bet it will change.

See, the situation is this is an inexperienced offensive team and a defensive team that has experience, but most of it a year ago was bad experience, so if that envelope that the depth chart was written on had a stamp on it, it would be worth 43 cents.

And if you are hoping to figure out who the quarterback is that will replace Geno Smith, well, forget that, too.

It lists “Childress or Millard or Rawlins” and there won’t be a decision any time soon.

“In the spring game we’ll mix them,” Holgorsen said. “Paul Millard will go first, they will switch and the receivers will rotate with them. We will keep a quarterback with a specific center, so they will go with the first team, then with the second.”

Nothing is set anywhere, really.

“There will be a lot of moving parts,” Holgorsen said, speaking of the game. “I mean, I hope we win but spring games are tough. You want to look good for the audience and you want it to resume football, but you are not making decisions there.”

So what does the two-deep that he was willing to put out look like?

As we said, there is no quarterback listed but there are plenty of people for them to throw to.

The X receiver is KJ Myers, the Y Connor Arlia and and gthe Z Kevin White. The running back is Andrew Buie with Dustin Garrison behind him and Dreamius Smith behind him … but those are truly moving parts and Buie is day-to-day with a hamstring.

Cody Clay is the H back while the line is Quiton Spain at left tackle,  Marquis Lucas at left guard, Pat Eger at center, Mark Glowinski at right guard and Curtis Feight at right tackle.

Defensively the front is listed as Will Clarke and Kyle Rose at ends and Shaq Rowell at the nose with Wes Tonkery at Spur, Isaiah Bruce at Sam and Nick Kwiatkoski at Will. The corners are Nana Kyeremeh and Broderick Jenkins while the safeties are Karl Joseph and Darwin Cook.

The Buck is Cozie Ezemma.

They are listed as the “first unit” but that is only for the moment, as Holgorsen stresses.

“Obviously,” he says, “there’s a long way to go on all three sides of the ball.”

And he thinks that’s a good thing, because he has his team’s attention and can push them hard and keep them focused on the important things rather than those press clippings which he dislikes so strongly.

“Nobody thinks we’re any good. I encourage guys not to read anything online, message boards, even you all guys. Who knows what our guys like? The only ones can dictate to us is the coaches and the players.”

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