The Times West Virginian

October 30, 2011

Can you pass your first Big 12 test?

By Bob Hertzel
Times West Virginian

MORGANTOWN — Know thy enemy.

That’s what they say, so let’s just see how well you know the teams you are going to be competing with in the Big 12 next year.

This is your first Big 12 test. Answers at bottom.

1. What are the nicknames of the following teams?

a. TCU

b. Iowa State

c. Baylor

d. Texas Tech

2. Where are the following schools located?

a. Kansas

b. Oklahoma State

c. TCU

d. Baylor

3. Who is the football coach at the following schools?

a. Kansas

b. Oklahoma State

c. Texas

d. TCU

4. Who is the men’s basketball coach at the following schools?

a. Texas

b. Oklahoma

c. Oklahoma State

d. Kansas


Which school did Bob Huggins coach basketball at (if you miss this, you are not allowed to answer any more questions)?

5. Which school has won the most national football championships?

a. Oklahoma

b. Texas

6. Which school had the most Heisman Trophy winners?

a. Oklahoma

b. Texas

7. Which team has won the most football games over the past five years (this year excluded)?

a. Texas

b. TCU

c. Oklahoma

8. How many Big 12 schools’ mascots now carry weapons?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

9. What school did each of these Big 12 all-time heroes attend?

a. Gale Sayers

b. Wilt Chamberlain

c. Tommy Nobis

d. Darrell Royal

e. Thurman Thomas

f. Slingin’ Sammy Baugh

g. Bob Boozer


1. a. Horned Frogs, b. Cyclones, c. Bears, d. Red Raiders.

2. a. Lawrence, Kan., b. Stillwater, Okla., c. Fort Worth, Texas, d. Waco, Texas.

3. a. Kansas – Turner Gill, b. Oklahoma State – Mike Gundy; c. Texas – Mack Brown; d. TCU – Gary Patterson.

4. a. Texas – Rick Barnes, b. Oklahoma – Jeff Capel, c. Oklahoma State – Travis Ford, d. Kansas – Bill Self.


Bob Huggins coached one year at Kansas State (and if you didn’t know that you probably didn’t take this quiz anyway).

5. Oklahoma has won seven AP national football championships, Texas four.

6. Oklahoma has had five Heisman Trophy winners (Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, Jason White, Sam Bradford), Texas two (Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams). TCU (Davey O’Brien) and Oklahoma State (Barry Sanders) each have had one.

7. b. TCU 55, Oklahoma 54, Texas 50.

8. c. 4 (WVU’s Mountaineer, Oklahoma’s Ruf Nex, Texas Tech’s Masked Rider and Oklahoma State’s Pistol Pete).

9. a. Gale Sayers (Kansas), b. Wilt Chamberlain (Kansas), c. Tommy Nobis (Texas), d. Darrell Royal (Oklahoma), e. Thurman Thomas (Oklahoma State), f. Slingin’ Sammy Bauch (TCU), g. Bob Boozer (Kansas State).

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