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February 19, 2014

HERTZEL COLUMN: Huggins ranked among sexiest in NCAA basketball

MORGANTOWN — Today there is hope for me and all those like me.

Why, you ask?

Because today West Virginia University’s Bob Huggins officially ranks as one of the 100 Top Sexiest in College Basketball.

Who says so?

Nicole Shea, that’s who, a very pretty lady with long blonde hair who did the rankings for as part of her job as special project manger.

Now you may wonder how our own Bob Huggins could rank among the 100 sexiest in basketball and if he really does what this means for the future of both the health food and fashion industries (does anyone remember his gold suit?)

If this is the case, then Bill Blass better step aside for Nike pullovers and restaurants featuring quiche and broccoli better move over and make room a daily serving of Jimmy Johns sandwich.

Now Huggins is not exactly your typical sex pot and Nicole Shea even admits that as she puts him in there with the likes of Jay Wright of Villanova, Fred Hoiberg of Iowa State, Huggins’ friend John Calipari of Kentucky and even one of his former players at WVU, Darris Nichols, who is coaching and exuding his sex appeal as an assistant at Northern Kentucky University outside Cincinnati.

Wrote Shea:

There is no way you can have this list without the name “Huggins.” On the court he still brings a lot of intensity, but off the court he isn’t quite as confrontational. His press conferences were very fun. As cool as they come in this profession.

Shea admitted it is difficult to define just what is sexy in this basketball context:

Definitions of sexy vary so I tried to make sure the list had a little bit of everything, including members of the media. I selected 10 media people for the list. It should be pointed out that no women made this list, which unfortunately excludes the lovely Ms. Angela Lento.

Certainly, there were those surprised to see Huggins on this list.

Matt Nordlander of wrote:

Somehow, Bob Huggins is on the list, which is making me reevaluate everything I’ve ever done regarding my hair and garb when covering games. John Giannini and Jamie Dixon also qualify as hunk material, so consider me awash with bafflement (no offense, fellas).

As for Huggins, when he was asked during Monday’s Big 12 Conference coaches’ call if he was surprised by his inclusion on the list, he replied:

“Is that a surprise to you?” he replied.

Obviously, it wasn’t.

And if you wondered why, what it said next will make you understand.

“To keep things in perspective,” Huggins said, “so did Seth Greenburg.”

Indeed, the former Virginia Tech coach turned TV commentator is on the list, and does Huggins believe he belongs on such a list if Greenberg is there?

“Absolutely,” he answered.

For the record, Shea named Montana head coach Wayne Tinkle as the sexiest on the list.

A modest man, she had to pry an acceptance speech out of Tinkle and this speech done to the background music of “He’s So Fine” ended with him offering this bit of advice:

“An old friend told me you can’t put polish on manure so hang in there. I’m Wayne Tinkle, head coach at Montana and I’m the sexiest man in college basketball.”

All of this, however, got me to thinking about who might be included on a list of the 15 sexiest athletes in football, basketball and women’s basketball (Nicole Shea may be able to get away with a single gender list, but it ain’t happening here in the world we’re operating in today).

So here is my choice of the 15 sexiest athletes at WVU since 2000.

No. 1 – Joe Alexander, basketball

No. 2 – Pat White, Football

No. 3 – Vanessa House, women’s basketball

No. 4 – Rasheed Marshall, football

No. 5 – Grant Wiley, football

No. 6 – Wellington Smith, basketball

No. 7 – Meg Bulger, women’s basketball

No. 8 – Tavon Austin, football

No. 9 – Da’Sean Butler, basketball

No. 10 – Brian King, football

No. 11 – Johannes Herber, basketball

No. 12 – Liz Repella, women’s basketball

No. 13 – Dan Mozes, football

No. 14 – Owen Schmitt, football

No. 15 – Julian Miller, football

Your suggestions and comments certainly are welcome.

Follow Bob Hertzel on Twitter @bhertzel.

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