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July 24, 2013

Holgorsen: ‘Clay may be our best football player on our team’


MORGANTOWN — o o o o o o

Brown, by the way, is one of the most diplomatic coaches ever, even in brushing off the media.

Q. Mack, I’m paraphrasing, I think, but I believe you said because of the tempo of the offenses that the defenses in the league kind of have to change identity or tactics or something along those lines. Apart from being just very good at what you do, is there something you have to do very well just to discourage and slow them down?

COACH BROWN: I don’t think I said what you just said, but you were kind of unparaphrasing. I’ve learned it’s not what I say, it’s what you hear, which is a difficult thing for a coach when I’ve got a thousand of you sitting in here.”

“Unparaphrasing” is a nice way of saying making up.

o o o o o o

West Virginia University’s Dana Holgorsen has always stressed having his best five skill players on the field but this year because of the versatility and ability of Cody Clay, a tight end/slot, he may have to be inventive.

“There’s a couple of them that I think we’ll be able to move around like that, and I think there’s a couple of slot receivers that we have that could move around into the backfield as well. So that’s a game-plan issue,” he said.

“With a guy like Cody Clay, he may be our best football player on our team. He can be in the backfield. He can line up at tight end. He can line up at slot receiver and do a lot of thing. It’s all about personnel groupings, which a lot of defenses are going to try to personnel group us as well as they can, and we’ve got some guys in the Big 12 defensively that are as good as it as anywhere in the country.

“Our job offensively is to try to disguise that, to try to put people in positions they don’t think are going to be there and be able to execute our offense regardless of where they land.”

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