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July 14, 2014

SIDELINE SPOTLIGHT: Internship provides insight to being student-athlete

FAIRMONT — As a student-athlete, one must balance academics and athletics. It’s no different once you get to college, as Fairmont State women’s soccer player Gabi Mascaro has found out. This week, Mascaro is knee-deep in her first college internship.

How is your training coming along this week?

Honestly, training this week hasn’t gone very good for me. Since I am leaving, all my friends and family have decided to take me out to dinner ... multiple places. And training on a full stomach never benefits me.

Now that your club season is over, what are you doing for training?

My summer workout packet given to me by coach (Patrick) McGinnis.

Which do you prefer? Training on your own or training with a team?

Training with a team, definitely. I’ll be the first to say it’s hard to find the motivation to work at your full potential alone. I run so much harder when I have my team or even just one teammate there pushing me to get better.

Walk us through a typical training week for you.

Training for me doesn’t start until night time.

Every night I and sometimes a friend go out to the FSU field and train under the lights. I love working out at night because it’s so much cooler and so much more isolated. I don’t enjoy sharing a field when I’m working out because I’m always all over the place.

Last week you said you were trying to spend as much time with your friends as possible. What did you guys do this week?

We found ourselves sitting by a fire enjoying each others company a lot. That’s probably our favorite thing to do.   

You’re in the Caribbean for your internship. Did you train extra hard before you left?

Yes, mainly because I added swimming to my workouts. I can run as much as you tell me to, but when it comes to swimming I am awful. I give so much respect to swimmers because training for soccer and my internship is difficult.

What types of things are you doing on your internship?

I’m getting PADI scuba-certified in open water, night dive and shipwreck. Also I’m getting a sailing certification and working in a reef conservation for my class.

Besides the academic part we get the privilege of hiking, wake boarding and following sea turtles.

Just talk a little bit about what you see in terms of your future with biology/ marine biology.

I want to end up working with marine mammals. This is what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I visited Sea World when I was young. I picture myself working with the Sea World rescue team or some sort of program that travels.

How will being on this internship help you to balance being a student-athlete?

It will give me a short glimpse of what college will be like; taking a midterm and a final, working in a group setting hands on and off activities and being introduced into the world of biology.

Highlight of your week?

My friends surprised me with a goodbye dinner before I left.

They all tricked me and told me they were all busy Tuesday night and when I woke up from my nap they were all over my next door neighbor (my brother’s) house waiting for me. They’re awesome.

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