Presidents’ Day recognizes two great leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as well as the contributions made by every American president.

Help young kids celebrate Presidents’ Day by learning about the country’s leaders with activities, quizzes and more.

After all, from pets to pet names, a fun quiz gives kids a chance to peek inside the everyday lives of two of the nation’s presidents — George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The following questions are just a few that can be found on the quiz:

• When George Washington called out “Sweetlips” and “True Love,” who was he referring to?

• George Washington was a striking, but not necessarily handsome, man. What detracted from his looks?

• What nicknames did Abraham Lincoln have for his wife Mary?

• Why were the palms of Lincoln’s hands often swollen and blistered?

• How many death threats did Lincoln receive during his time in office?

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