Thanksgiving 2019 has nearly arrived. Surely it hasn’t been a year since we last observed this blessed and most meaningful holiday. Once more, family members from far and near will make the emotional journey back home to celebrate together the season of gratitude and remembrance.

As Americans, we could prepare, with exhaustive accuracy, a list of blessings for which we should be thankful. Our often taken-for-granted freedoms were purchased and are protected at a great price. Vigilance is necessary and costly.

Those who serve in our armed forces to guarantee our freedoms and rights are each a valuable blessing to whom we are deeply indebted. As we rest our heads on fluffy pillows in controlled temperatures, our guardians of the peace sleep wherever circumstance dictates. Our rest and peace of mind are a result of their sacrifices. For this, we are forever thankful.

The caregivers of our community, though often unnoticed, minister daily and dutifully to those who cannot fully care for their own needs. We are truly blessed by the actions of these unsung heroes of committed service to others. Our total gratitude is owed to them.

The professional people of our lives such as clergy, doctors, teachers, business leaders, public servants, lawyers, reporters, editors, and others too numerous to mention, each performs duties that daily enhance our lives and well-being. Our thankfulness is evident in the esteem in which we hold them.

The people who, by their skills and labor, make everyday life possible are of no less importance and necessity. Without fanfare or notoriety, they make possible the essentials of existence that we causally identify as life. We are in their debt and freely give our thanks for them.

Of all the blessings afforded us, the family structure in its deepest definition and intention remains the anchor of a successful society. There has not been, is not, and will never be a substitute for the family unit. Of all our blessings, none has a higher value or stature than the family. The firm foundation of our country is formed by these family units, and their strengths and weaknesses are reflected in our lifestyles, patriotism, compassion, and service to and respect for others.

America is blessed beyond our worthiness. God has smiled upon us and given abundance and blessings unequaled by any other nation in history. Shall we this Thanksgiving 2019 pledge anew as we endeavor to reflect gratitude and thanks in our actions daily? May we strive to maintain a spirit of thanksgiving continuously. By our dedication and resolve, may God continue to bless America, our home sweet home. Happy Thanksgiving!

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