Good Day Farmers!

Kasey has given the green light for all halls to be decked now that her birthday has come and gone. We celebrated the big day by driving to Oglebay and attending the Festival of Lights.

This was the first time she had seen the park lit up, and being that she loves all things illuminated, it’s what she wanted to do most. It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since that Black Friday (that turned into a Saturday morning birthday, some 21 hours later) when we drove to the hospital.

When we approached a display of a beautiful rainbow-colored Happy Birthday tiered cake, she jumped out of the car and struck a pose for my camera as if the whole festival were just for her. There’s a lot to be said for having a birthday during the holiday season, talk of being gypped out of one’s fair share of celebrating and such, but I think Miss Kasey enjoys being born in the middle of the season of thankfulness and giving. She certainly has been a baby we were thankful to have and keeps on giving year after year.

Assumption Food Pantry

The Assumption Food Pantry was held on Nov. 19 for the residents of Littleton and surrounding areas. There were 210 people and 77 families served, larger than in past months as the need grows. Please remember during this season of giving to please donate to the pantry, whatever you can from donated items of food, clothing, household items, to your time and monetary donations. The next pantry date is Dec. 17 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. and will be the time of giving for the holiday season.

Job Opening

If you’re looking for work there’s a need for a part time cemetery Office Manager at Holy Cross and Mount Carmel Cemeteries. Those who have basic computer, communication and office management skills are preferred. You can contact the office at (304) 363-7434 or Fr. Joe (304) 780-4183 for more information.

Mass Change

Mass at St. Patrick’s Church has been moved to 4:30 p.m. today due to Mannington’s Christmas Parade.

Christmas Programs

To date, the only school that I have confirmed is the Fairview Elementary School Christmas program. Mark your calendars for Dec. 19 at 9:30 a.m. Noah’s Ark Assembly of God will so graciously accommodate the school once again this year by providing the venue. If you know of any confirmed dates/times for other school programs and get-togethers please let me know so I can keep everyone up to date.

By the Numbers

Alright ladies and gents! We are simply 25 days until Christmas. If you’re looking at it in terms of weekends, we have only three to go! Only 32 more days to write the year 2019. (Well, for some of us at least.)

Christmas Parade Info

The Farmington Christmas parade will be held Friday, Dec. 13, at 6:30 p.m. Lineup will start at 6 p.m. in the Alasky’s complex. The parade will travel down Husky Highway and through the main street of town. Santa will stop at the Fire Department on Railroad Street where he will meet with all the boys and girls (young and old). Cookies and hot cocoa will be provided. To enter the parade, please contact Town Hall at (304)-825-6442.

Christmas Festivities

Here’s a listing of all community parade dates. Tonight, we have the Mannington Christmas Parade. If you want an extra dose of holiday cheer, pop up to Husky Field and see the lighting of the grand Christmas Tree all the way from the Smokey Mountains. Next weekend, we have Barrackville’s small town celebration on Saturday with the parade that evening. A back to back event next weekend with our own parade on Friday night.

Dec. 14 is a big day with the Feast of the Seven Fishes in downtown Fairmont followed by the parade that night. I will be with the Times West Virginian crew with a few special elves, Kyan and Kasey, accompanying me. Fairview will round out the holiday parades on Dec. 21 with their festivities. Lots of opportunities to see friends and neighbors!

Farmington News of Yesteryear

November 1920 was a heck of an era for our small town. Making the news ranged from notes about our ill neighbors to comings and goings in the area. We also had a bit of excitement. Joe Maleno, a butcher in Farmington, was given a preliminary hearing on charges of assaulting with intent to kill Gabad Sarka, a woman who ran a boarding house in Farmington. The assault happened at the boarding house with Maleno striking her over the head with a club.

The motive for the alleged assault was the woman’s refusal to deal with the butcher on account of his exorbitant prices. Maleno was held with $500 bail, which he furnished and was released. The high school was scheduled to be opened once again after being closed for a week on account of election and meetings of the WV Education Association at Parkersburg. When we drive to visit the in-laws it normally takes us a good hour and a half to get to Wood County. Imagine what that trek involved in the early days of automobiles!

Speaking of out of town motorists. They were reminded to keep to the right of “The Red Box” at the corner of Main and Mill Streets. Also, the speed limit was only 12 miles per hour inside of city limits. (And y’all thought going 25 was a hardship.) New seats for two rooms at the high school had been bought and were put in.

Improvement was the name of the game around town. Streets of the city were being greatly improved by grading and ditching. The street in West Farmington had been graded and covered with a cinder cushing 14 feet wide. This, in turn, was to be covered with white granulated slag and then rolled, making a 14 foot roadbed. The pike between Mill and Main streets in the central part of town was to be improved similar to the one in West Farmington except that it will be built 16 feet wide in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Parrish were happy to have a visit from their son son, Paul, who has been with the U.S. Marines and returned home. Leonard and Hugh Conaway were confined to their home in West Farmington with severe cases of tonsillitis. Poor guys.

Christmas Dinner

The Annual Altar and Rosary Society Christmas dinner will be held Dec. 2. A meeting will be held at 6 p.m. with dinner following at 6:30 p.m. at Colasessano’s. (Middletown Mall location) The cost is $25 per person, sign up in the church vestibule. Attendees are asked to bring a $10 valued gift exchange item.

Christmas Bake Sale

St. Patrick’s Altar and Rosary Society will have a Christmas Bake Sale/Cookie Tray Sale on Dec. 13. Cookie trays are $18 for four dozen cookies and fudge or $9 for two dozen cookies and fudge. Church members and A&R members are being asked to donate nine dozen cookies made of three different recipes. Nut rolls will be baked on Dec. 10 and will be sold for $8.


Happy Birthday to Kurtis Helgeson, Christine Woody, Olivia Retton, Kristen Toothman, Elisha Sine, Anna Besedich, Florence Kilcoyne, Terry Starsick and Georgie Aloi.

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