Please, accept my apology!

Barrackville has its share of interesting history and interesting personalities. The Barrackville covered bridge is a part of our rich history of resourceful and quick thinking town folk who saved it from destruction during the civil war.

I had a chance to talk to a colorful personality when I mistakenly stated that Frank Plivelish was a WWII Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

I apologized to Frank for the error, he was very gracious and accepted my apology, he laughingly stated that a few people called him with concerns about his apparent memory loss and reminded him that he would have only been only 3 years old at the time of the Pearl Harbor Bombing and 7 years old at the end of WWII!

Frank has lead an interesting life and gives back to the community as often as possible.

He said he tries to live by the old adage, “You pass this way only one time, you should try and make a difference.”

With a quick smile he said that another saying that becomes more apparent with each day is, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the quicker it goes!”

I hope to take a page out of Frank’s book and not take life so serious and laugh at my mistakes, be quick to apologize and try to make a difference around me for I shall not pass this way again! Stop in “Family Pools” and talk to Frank!

Barrackville Town Council Meeting

The town council met Monday and covered a full agenda and addressed many concerns and questions raised by residents attending the meeting.

Sidewalk extension will be made to the area starting at Petruccios down Pike street ending near Tom’s TV. Residents on Franklin Street requested a 15 mile an hour street sign be placed near the school zone sign, children traffic heavily through that area going to school and it has become dangerous for them with traffic speeding on the street.

The council said they would place the sign and remind all residents that most streets in Barrackville are 15 miles an hour.

Council will meet with Jessie Richardson from WVU on December 17th to work on a Comprehensive Plan before going forward with zoning in Barrackville.

PSN Project is moving forward and should be in place by the first of the year, this is a billing system that will allow debit payments and online check payment.

The purchase of a new tractor was noted and delivery should be made soon. Lengthy discussion followed concerning road pavement projects needed on some streets.

Council stated that funds were being made available temporarily to assist homeowners with financial cost of road paving and repairs. These funds will be available on a first come basis and is capped at $100,000 for all projects. Some areas will require a more substantial investment than others.

Neighbors who travel on those damaged roads to access their property are asked to step up to pay a share of the cost to improve the safety of the community and halt the further deterioration of the streets.

Other business addressed: Sewage problem on Rice Street will be corrected. Question was raised if council thought that there is a need for a new maintenance building to be erected. Some council members volunteered to investigate the issue. Thank you to all the council members who sit on council board and keep our town safe and secure.

Christmas in Our Town

Christmas in Our Town 2019 is, at this moment as I am writing, in full swing with Breakfast with Santa, parade plans, craft show and many other activities in and around town.

What a delight for a small town like Barrackville to stage such a wonderful event for our neighbors. Many months of hard work and planning go into having a successful holiday program.

Thank You to all the committee members, security, volunteers, spouse “voluntolds”, and the many community organizations that have put their time and effort toward this yearly event!


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