Good Friday Morning, Farmers!

Friday evening our main television died. Rest in peace, at nearly a decade, it had a good run. To unwind, Kasey and I watch our cooking shows before bedtime. In the absence of a working TV she smiled and said, “You want to watch some YouTube videos with me?!” Now, YouTube can be full of junk, but it can also be useful. For example, many appliances and vehicles have been fixed in our household after watching a tutorial. Kasey loves to watch crafting “DIY” videos. She’s found a new favorite girl named ‘artsymadwoman’ and we spent about an hour watching helpful tips on how to dry flowers, preserve them in resin, make acrylic pour paintings, and a lot more.

While it can be a black hole to fall into, watching video after video, it can also give you ideas on ways to make your own unique art. It also unleashed a creative bug that flowed into the rest of our weekend. Sunday, we filled pots with dirt so she could plant a variety of seed packets from bachelor’s buttons to columbine. She spent the afternoon checking her bee balm and watching over the windowsill of succulents in the kitchen. After tending her own blooms, she wandered next door to see what Meredith and Rudy were up to and ended up gardening alongside them almost until the street lights turned on. Would you believe that they’ve planted around 60 seed packets alongside their house? It’ll be interesting to see what pops up!

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Join the class of 2020 for the North Marion High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony tonight at 7 p.m. (This will NOT take the place of the actual graduation, scheduled for June 26.) North Marion would simply like to honor all graduates on the day that would’ve been their graduation. You can check the North Marion High School Facebook page for more information and to answer questions about graduation. You can also contact the school between 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Prom 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 North Marion Prom Queen Miss Mary Elliott, her Maid of Honor Miss Tanea Bledsoe, and court.

Summer Reading Programs

For those of you who would like to continue improving the literacy of your young students, there are a variety of programs offered this summer! Marion County Public Library will offer information on their program at Book sellers including Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble will feature their annual programs in store and also online at and Pizza Hut continues their Book it! Program (Who remembers that blast from the past?!) at For those of you who like Scholastic books at great prices, look into You can also order books to keep you busy on these sites as well as and don’t forget to download books via your Public Library account.

Around Town

Baker’s Nook will be opening up soon! Mark your calendars for their opening date of June 1. In the meantime, if you’re looking for any ideas for lunch or dinner, Big Momma’s Pizzeria on Husky Highway in Mannington sure does have some great remedies for that problem!

Farmington Baseball needs your input! The note on their Facebook page says, “We have heard of other groups calling it a wash and suspending their season within our area. We are looking for a yes/no response about who would still be wanting to participate or who is thinking at this time it’s best to just cancel the season. We can continue to hold until June and we are not sure at this stage how far starting that late would push the season into the summer or if once we get to June if we will be allowed to even start. If you are not comfortable commenting on this post please message the page privately and we can take the information that way.”

BC Bank is still accepting applications for a full-time teller in its Farmington office. Drop your resume off or email it to Interviews will start this coming week. Some wildlife news, Eli and Ean Pethtel have successfully hatched (I hope that’s the right word) and watched their frog eggs go through most of the cycle to become little peepers. The brothers relocated their slimy little friends to a nearby watering hole so that they could make a home. Finally, we inquire as to how the hermit crab is almost on a weekly basis. It’s beyond our comprehension as to how the little crustacean has managed to hang on this far. Well we got a surprise last weekend when we came home to find that Crabbie had molted. If you think that word is disgusting, you should see the action itself. As we go into summer, should you decide to bring home a crabby friend as a beach souvenir, make sure you know what you’re getting into.


Birthday wishes go out to three lovely ladies in our area: Marissa Joy, Melissa Angelucci, Tracie Scott.

Returning Textbooks

Fairview Middle students can return textbooks that belong to the school May 26-28 from 9 a.m.-Noon in front of the school or on Wednesday, May 27 from 3-6 p.m. Library books and classroom novels will need to be returned as well. Students may also enter the school to clean their personal belongings out of lockers. Books needed to be returned are 4th grade science, reading /language books, and slim novels, for 5th-8th grade science, social studies, reading/language books. All library books and classroom novels books also need to be returned these days! All report cards and rewards on lockers will be mailed home in the first week of June. If you have any questions please call the school Mon-Friday from 9 a.m.-Noon.

MCPARC Food Program in Farmington

Marion County Schools is excited to partner with the Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission to continue the summer feeding program. Starting on Wednesday, June 3, Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission will distribute meals, mid-day, from 11 designated sites throughout the county. Parents must register online at to pick up meals. Our Town Hall will be a designated site, however the following are close to the Farmington area if you need pick up in a different location:

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Monongah Elementary School

Barrackville School – Playground

12:00 Noon – 1 p.m.

Farmington Town Hall

Mannington Hough Park

Fairview Elementary

Grant Town Community Building

Rivesville School

Good Ol’ Days

Taking it back to the 20s this week when Farmington’s 18-piece band was heading to Fairview to furnish music for the Memorial Day program. The Ladies Aid of the Southern Methodist Church planned to hold its monthly business meeting and social hour. Hostesses were Mrs. L. N. Whitlach, Mrs. Elza Rinehart, and Miss Hattie Thompson. Billy Springston, described as a “small boy” with no age given, was kicked in the face by a horse and severely injured. It was said that he was riding on a coaster wagon and ran too close to the horse’s heels. Good ol Doc, J.J. Jenkins, came and dressed the wounds, reporting that the little guy was doing nicely. Mr. and Mrs. James Frank Campbell, newlyweds, returned home after a short wedding trip and were given an old fashioned serenade. The Campbell’s were put into Howard Dawson’s automobile and headed by the Farmington Band as they marched over the principal streets followed by about 250 people in cars and on foot. That is some reception!

Food Pantry Giveaways

The next giveaway for the Fairview Food Pantry will be Tuesday, May 26. Recipients with the following ZIP codes will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: 26560, 26570, 26571, 26574, 26588. All other recipients will be served from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Last month, 92 families were served. We thank all who donated and all who volunteered their time to help the ones in need. For an emergency food box call 304-449-1863.

Memorial Day

In case you have completely thrown out your 2020 calendars, this Monday is Memorial Day! No parades, limited social distancing cook-outs and get-togethers, what strange ways to gather as we remember those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Please take a moment to go to the cemetery, pay your respects, and give a little glory and beautification to those graves of our fallen soldiers. Without their precious gift, we wouldn’t have the liberties we enjoy today.

Contact Me

Again, a big thank you to those who are still getting used to the changes in printing and publication of the Times West Virginian. While not all the calls were pleasant, it’s very important to us when we get the calls of support and are able to exchange niceties with our customers. It’s honestly the highlight of my day to be able to speak with the individuals of our county and abroad. Thank you to everyone who contacted me this week with information and stories about Farmington High School. I’m slowly sifting through it all! You can continue to send things to me at, 304-367-2527 here in the office, or you can pop things in the mail to me at P.O. Box 2530, Fairmont, WV 26555. Please put ℅ Stephanie, Circulation Dept. if you would!

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