Good morning Mannington!

Hope everyone has had a great week. Summer returned but it also feels like fall. The feel of fall always seems to come following the fair. We did not have the visitors last week or the extra traffic due to the fair being cancelled, and we miss all of the excitement of the week. So now we look forward to the fair in 2021.

Many of my flowers are starting to fade. It will not be long until I begin cleaning the containers to put them away for winter. I know that folks are thinking about putting out fall flowers now, and they are so pretty and it is nice to keep Mannington looking nice. Try to stay safe and wear your mask when you are going out in public. We need to do our best to try to stay safe. Look out for each other and stay well and safe.

Grand Reopenings:

Family Dollar, a leading small format and convenience retailer, has announced plans for a renovated store’s grand reopening in Mannington on Saturday, Aug. 15. In addition to providing everyday low prices and a broad assortment of necessities, the renovated store will now include even more $1 Dollar Tree merchandise – “Two Great Stores, One Location” – as well as additional freezers and coolers and an expanded selection of food, beauty and essentials, household products and seasonal items. This event will also include a Kids Zone, Smart Coupon sign up area and Prize Wheel for samples.

“Family Dollar is proud to be a part of the Mannington community and we are excited to welcome existing and new customers to our newly renovated store,” said Jim Van Slyke, Family Dollar spokesperson. The refreshed store will provide even greater values and convenience to our shoppers.”

A store of this size typically employs six to 10 associates. Interested applicants can apply online at or by visiting the store location. Family Dollar stores are open seven days a week, and offer everyday items for the entire family in an easy-to-shop neighborhood location. The store is located a 3 Rainbow Plaza, Mannington, WV 25682-9054.

Farmers Market:

The Farmers Market is doing very well. It is held on Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Trader’s Alley, behind Mountaineer Florist. There are fruits and vegetables available and some produce from local farmers. Crafters also attend, and have a variety of items for sale, like crocheted items, jewelry, wood crafts, paintings and more. There are also those who bring sweet treats for sale at different weekends and they are very enjoyable. The market is sponsored by the Mannington Women’s Club and the members would like to invite you to attend to see what is available, and just to enjoy getting out for a little while. The Women’s Club also has a basket raffle each week. The proceeds from this benefit the club’s community projects.

Thank You:

The members of the Mannington District Fair Association would like to say “thank you” to all of the folks who sent fair pictures for last week’s fair. The fair last week consisted of pictures of rides, food, vegetables, flowers, livestock, the parade and much more. I know that many did not get to see the many pictures due to not have internet service. Yes, there were many enjoyable memories. Pictures of many who are no longer with us, and that made the memory even better. Also, thank you to those who added a comment under a picture or added more information. It was a great way to remember the fair, even though we could not attend face-to-face. Thank you to all, see you in August 2021, and look for some changes that are currently being planned. Have a great year and stay safe.

Mannington Memories:

While looking through clippings for fair events, I came across columns of information about happenings in Mannington. I thought you might also enjoy these.

From a Fairmont Newspaper on Nov. 8, 1935: “Two WPA Projects Begin in Mannington – Two WPA projects are now under way in Mannington, with a group of 40 men employed in all. A stone quarry is being opened up at Gilboa cut, near Mannington, the stone to be used in improvements to the city streets and city park. About 20 men are employed at this project. The remainder of the group is busily engaged in building a retaining wall around the parking space at the city park. The work is being carried on under the supervision of A. B. Bauman, city street and water commissioner. Another project is scheduled for Buffalo Street in the near future, when it will be reconditioned.”

May 10, 1936 from Fairmont Newspaper

“Plans Laid to Get Recreation Building Here “

“Committee Named at Mass Meeting to Arrange for Financing WPA Project”

“Many, May 9 – At a mass meeting of citizens of Mannington district sponsored by the Mannington City council and the Mannington district fair association held in the community rest this week, a Community Center building committee was organized for the purpose of finding ways and means to build a community recreation building.

The movement is the outgrowth of an application to the WPA head quarters some time ago, asking for a substantial loan towards the creation of this very much needed project. The approximate cost of this will be around $40,000.

The proposed building will be of native stone with steel framework on the first floor and the second story will be finished in hardwood and arranged for indoor games such as basketball and indoor sports while the first floor plans will call for roller skating and parking space for cars in inclement weather. The entire building is planned to also be used for exhibition purposes for the annual Mannington District Fair. The location of the proposed building will be in the Mannington City Park. The plans call for all construction work to be done by WPA labor and with good weather, can be built in a period seven months.

It is proposed by WPA project authorities that the sum of $5,600 will be the amount to be raised by citizens. The work will begin at one it has been announced.

The Community Center building committee was organized and the officers are: T.J. Jones, general chairman; A.H> Singleton, Sr. vice chairman; Charles H. Phillips, treasurer; Lester Thron, secretary; committeemen and women for soliciting: J.G. Hebrock, Seven Pines; Arch D. Williams, Rymer; John N. Thorn, Logansport; Dick Straight, Dent’s Run; Clarence Shaw, Joetown, Flat Run; Homer Campbell, Metz; Ezra Fluharty, Mohan’s Run; L.C. Barr, Salt Lick; G. P. Freeland, Flaggy Meadow; Harry Stillings, Smithfield; for the city of Mannington: Walter Clelland, A. H. Singleton, Mrs. Effie Jones (Burt Hill); Jess Shuman, Roy Stuart, Homer Masters, William Michaels” (and other names that were lost when this article was copied)

The Newspaper was also the way of finding out social news, illnesses and funerals such as:

“Word has been received the D. T. Britton of this city, who is a patient in St. Frances hospital in Pittsburgh, Pen, is resting comfortably at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Sweeney of this city motored to Pittsburgh, Pa, Sunday to visit R.D. Britton.

Rev. S. C. Blackburn of this city was called to Baltimore, Md, yesterday by the illness of his granddaughter.

Mrs. Charles Miller and son, Donny, and Mrs. John Carney of Littleton, have returned from Pikeville, Ky., where they visited J. E. Carney, brother of Mrs. Miller and son of Mrs. Carney.

Miss Neva Monroe and Miss Edith Charlton will return home today from a week’s visit with relatives in Cleveland, Oh.

Miss Peris Eshenbaugh and Nancy Wilson have returned to their homes in this city from a 10 day’s stay at the Baptist camp near Cowen.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wright and son of Mr. Pleasant, Mich. Are visiting Mrs. Wright’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carson Ford and Mr. Wright’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright in this city.

George Schlenz of Locust street is a business visitor in Washington D. C.”

If there was something happening, illnesses, travel, funerals, parties, weddings, it became part of the social news. If you were ill, probably it was stated what the problem was. Many of the articles make interesting reading. As I find more items of interest, I may add them. There is little to write about at this time, so if we look back, we just might have a little enjoyment and a laugh.

Contact me:

If you wish to email information to me, please send to You may call me at 304-986-2527 to see if I have received your email, or to give me information. I would like to receive the information for Mannington News by Tuesday or very early Wednesday morning. Thank you for sending this so that others in the area will know what events are happening.

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