In our American society, certain dates and celebrations are annually set aside for special remembrances of persons and events that especially affect our lives. One such tradition was introduced and celebrated locally by a Methodist congregation being the first to do so in America. Father’s Day was born in Fairmont as Mother’s Day was born in Grafton.

This group of caring parishioners was far ahead of their time as they realized the importance and opportunity of fatherhood. We locals and an entire nation are forever indebted to their actions in recognizing a special day to honor fathers.

We still, once every year, set aside a day to pay respect and remembrance to fathers. The unchanging equation of family that consists of mother, father, and children has been the bedrock of all successful civilizations and societies. The intended unity of this group, if properly used, is the birthplace of many of life’s most important and lasting precepts and enabling character traits.

The title of father is automatically bestowed at the birth of a new baby. No matter what the ensuing years may produce, this title forever remains. However, the most important challenge of this distinction is the process of successfully elevating this title to the envied and endearing title of dad or daddy.

A father contributes to the initial act of conception, but a father’s contribution to this new person and his or her mother is to be lifelong.

The role of good fatherhood is a demanding one at best. He should be the leader, provider, and protector in his family. His efforts of total support to his wife and children become a daily classroom of new lessons learned and earnestly followed.

In today’s ever-changing society, it could be more realistic to change the name of Father’s Day to Dad’s Day. The process and eventual achievement of reaching the cherished identifying title of dad or daddy brings with it pride and responsibility from the recipient of this most meaningful and loving identification.

No matter our age, as we look back on life’s most remembered and endearing moments, they are usually “dad” or “daddy” moments of purest meaning, reassurance, and personal affection. He may not openly demonstrate his inner love and gratefulness as easily as mothers do, but he nonetheless has just as much love and pride in his children, and if genuine, his children unquestionably know and feel it.

Our country and the entire world are in dire need of dads and dad moments to reinforce our often questioning and raveling emotions and wavering wills.

There is no greater responsibility or accomplishment than being a devoted dad. We may call it Father’s Day, but the role of dads far surpasses the title of yearly recognition of all fathers.

If we find ourselves to be good dads, we should celebrate in humility and utmost gratitude for that accomplishment. If personal inventory finds otherwise, a new challenge and endeavor to reach that title should be placed into action.

We must be constantly reminded that our example screams in the ears of our children and drowns out most of what we say. Our footprints, if followed, must be straight and measured to the maturing distance of the stride of the ones following.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. A special and heartfelt congratulations to all dads for their unique and totally needed place in our hearts and in the essential preservation of our American traditions and fundamental foundation of the home and family.