Good Day Farmers!

Seems like our area was spared a great deal of disaster compared to the Fairmont end of the county with the high winds and storms of Thursday afternoon.

The debris and downing of trees didn’t come far past the Katy intersection and Big John’s Hill although I did see a few limbs here and there on the drive down 250. Although the rain was much needed for my withering hydrangea, it would’ve been nice to have a slightly softer thunderstorm.

By the way, we had a good laugh at the headline from last week’s column. Our Editor’s faux pas gave several people pause to dream about a world where we didn’t drive 20-30 minutes for a Walmart and even further for a Sam’s Club. As the Beach Boys said “Wouldn’t It be nice?”

Backpacks Needed

The start of school (a “bad word” in our house as of late) is only 12 days away. For most parents, the process of buying school supplies is either a gradual accumulation or it’s a mad dash at the last minute.

Fortunately, most of our community is in a good place to where we can supply our children and their classrooms without problem. However, the people of Littleton are in dire need of those basic supplies to start the school year.

How can we expect to give our kids, our future, a fighting chance at academic glory if they cannot afford a simple bag to carry their books? In our house we go on the “two year” rule.

Unless your book bag explodes or meets with disaster, you give it a minimum of two years of school life. (Same with lunchboxes) But what do you do with the bags that have given all they’ve got? Perhaps donate them?

Currently, an average of 40 children are in need in the Littleton community. That’s nearly two classrooms of children! If you would like to help give them a great start to the school year I suggest giving to this cause. No longer have a school aged child? Purchase a backpack to donate!

Already buying notebooks and crayons, why not toss an extra few in for the children of Littleton? Donated items can be given to George Tippner or Elsie Doshen. You can contact Ms. Doshen at (304) 368-1365.

Dinner for $1

WVU students are welcome at St. John University Parish in Morgantown for “Mountaineer Catholic Nights.”

Every Thursday following the 6 p.m. mass, students can enjoy dinner for a dollar. This home cooked meal is better than any dining hall food on campus.

Following the meal at 7:30 p.m. is a speaker or community night (stay for all or part of the events). More information can be found at or by going to their Facebook page under Mountaineer Catholic.

4-H Club Sign Ups

The “Special K’s” and I went to the Fairview 4-H meeting Thursday night.

Having been in 4-H through my preteen and teen years it was a no-brainer that my kids would eventually join the group as well. Over the years we’ve had so much fun being a part of the club and all the activities we’ve been able to participate in have been some of the best memories we have.

The next meeting will be held on Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. (tentatively at the Middle School cafeteria) and they will be signing up new members.

To be a regular 4-Her you must be 9 years old, children younger can be part of the Cloverbud program, which is held during the regular meeting but plans activities geared towards teaching the younger kids about 4-H and what it stands for.

There is no cost to join, however you are responsible for completing at least one project during the year which ranges from a lot of subjects including fishing, cooking, gardening, electronics, sewing, technology and engineering, rocketry, computer science, conservation, camping, backpacking, hiking, first aid, photography and more!

Church Yard/Bake Sale

The Katy Church of God of Prophecy will be having another yard sale. As we close the “yard sale season,” why not stop by for one more round of discount items donated by church members and the community. The sale takes place on the 16th and 17th from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. with hot dogs and baked goods available to purchase as well.

Back in the Day…

“B&O Railroad Is Declared A Common Nuisance” read the headline on page 1 of the Fairmont West Virginian back on Aug. 17, 1914.

Quite the event in Farmington lead to such a bold proclamation. Its seems that Judge Geo. (which is an abbreviation most commonly used for George) Vincent had “enjoined” the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for delivering a shipment of one car of intoxicating liquor which they then impounded on a side track in Farmington.

He was very upset and determined to see if the shipment had violated the WV Prohibition law. An agent had signed for the order and was accused of soliciting orders and collected money for the booze.

The granting of the order was to make sure that any whiskey shipped into the county was for legal use only. It was of urgent necessity because a whole car load of beer and whiskey was received at Farmington from Mingo Junction, Ohio containing shipments for 67 men in the vicinity of Farmington.

Wowzers! The car was heavily padlocked and left on the siding until an injunction could be obtained to prevent the company from delivering it to the proper owners.

It’s then that “while the officers were still on the ground, the drythroats, learning that the wet goods had arrived, began to come in droves. Some bringing wagons, others riding horseback and others on foot.

When they learned the shipment had been confiscated they became angry and threatened violence but the officers meant business and soon dispersed the crowd.” Could you imagine? As the depot for the old railway was located in the present day spot of our Family Dollar store in such a central spot in our town, what a commotion that could cause if it were to happen today.

Happy Birthday

Special Birthday wishes go out this week to Mike Billie, Mike Napalo, Kim Malone, Patricia Plyer, Stephanie Goodnight, Joe Elliott, Eric Espinoza II, Mandy Morris, Wendy Dillon and Theresa Witt.

Welcome to the


About a month ago my Mamaw took an unfortunate tumble which resulted in the need for some hospitalized R and R. She has decided to move over to our neck of the woods from the Saltwell area of Harrison County for a little while and we want to welcome her to the neighborhood as she resides at Teresa’s Rose Garden.

It’s rather nice to have both my grandmothers within walking distance!


Two friends are celebrating anniversaries this week. Wishes for another year of marital bliss go to my cousin Sharon and her husband Rob Shaffer. You can also wish a happy one to Joe and Teresa Midgette, our neighbors up in the I.O.O.F. Rd area.

Knights of Columbus Meeting

Don’t forget the Wednesday, Aug. 14 meeting of our area Knights of Columbus. The gentlemen will meet up at 6:30 p.m. in St. Patrick’s Parish Hall.

Parish Picnic

Sunday Aug. 11 after mass the ladies group will be cooking up some hot dogs and chicken for the annual Parish picnic. Parishioners will feast on these delicacies as they enjoy fellowship between the two parishes of both St. Peters and St. Patricks. Those attending are asked to please bring a covered dish large enough for everyone to sample.

Youth Revival

Caleb Grimm will be joining the congregation at Noah’s Ark Assembly of God to present a Youth Revival! Join them tonight and tomorrow starting at 6 p.m. as they share their love of God with the young folks in our communities. The content will be age appropriate for those in the youth group but all ages are welcome to attend. If you have questions contact the youth director, Shannon Barber, at either (304) 694-1793 or (304) 694-1173.

Community Yard Sales

If you’re reading this over your morning coffee, set it down and hop in the car because today is the last day of the Monongah community yard sales! You still have a few hours left from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. to scarf up some good deals in our neighboring town. Piggy backing on what should be a sunny day for a sale, Idamay will also be participating in their own community day conveniently on your way through to Rt. 19.

End of Summer Back 2 School Bash

The Barrackville PTO would like to announce their End of Summer Back 2 School Bash at WaveTek! This is a free event for Barrackville students and their families. This private pool party will be held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Aug. 15. There will be class rosters at the gate to verify students who attend.


Welcome home to the Class of ‘64 and hope you have lots of fun at your 55th Class reunion tonight! Dinner will be hosted at Colassesano’s in White Hall from 5-9 p.m.

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