Have you wondered if there is more to life and you haven’t found it? This is a true quest of every heart.

Some people try fill their lives by having goals to fulfill, but later when the goals run out, they are just alone wondering what they’re missing. Some people with little often believe that if they had more the void would be filled.

In contrast, people with everything realize having everything doesn’t fill the void within. The reason is that the heart’s inward vacuum cannot be filled outwardly with stuff. Thus, the awareness that something is missing.

There is a hunger in the human heart that each person seeks to fill. This place in the heart is made by and for the One who made us and loves us the most. He designed us for a deep sense of completeness that comes in knowing Him. Until he is known, until the Creator becomes Father through a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, the void within remains empty and the search continues.

However, God has the answer to the void of the human heart. The answer comes in five big days. See if they make sense to you.

The first big day is the day God became a man. Jesus, God’s son, came to earth in human form as a baby. That’s why we celebrate Christmas. He was God’s answer to our human condition of sin and separation from God, which was brought to us by the first man, Adam. Jesus came to fix that. So, Jesus being born is the first big day.

The second big day is the day Jesus bled out on the cross for our sins. That is known as Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified. Good for us and painful for him. Jesus died in our place paying the debt for our sin.

The third big day is the morning Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate his resurrection on the day known as Easter. This means that Jesus destroyed the power of death to rule the human heart with fear. That fear comes from not knowing where you will go when you die.

People who have given their lives to Jesus close their eyes and go to sleep when they pass away because they are being reunited with the One who loves them the most. Those who haven’t accepted him are often afraid and tormented by death.

The fourth big day is when God poured out his Spirit with love and power on the day known as Pentecost. Jesus told his followers just before he ascended into heaven to wait until they receive the Promise of the Father, which is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This is important because it is through the Holy Spirit that we receive all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

So, what is the fifth big day? The fifth big day is when you receive all that Jesus has done for you. It is the day you are reunited with Father God through Jesus Christ by faith in His free gift of grace and salvation and power. It’s the day your Creator becomes your Father. It’s the day the void within is filled with His love by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Have you had your fifth day?

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