Good Day Farmers!

The Special K’s and I will be taking part in some Christmas events this weekend. I’ve made it a point that all of our gifts to family and friends this year would be either homemade or come from small businesses in the area.

In all actuality, it’s not hard to find quality items if you just do a little bit of research. Even attending one craft show or marketplace set up throughout the year can get the ball rolling on where to get baked goods, crochet and knit items, even candles, soaps and lotions.

I like businesses that feature West Virginia in a positive light. Several clothing companies feature WVU items, state park logos, and special Mountain State hobbies. This not only gives the opportunity to support and spread positivity for those places whenever you wear them, but it’s also a great way to give something unique.

This morning we’ll be attending the Cookie Crawl in Morgantown, stopping by the tea shoppe for some odds and ends, and rounding out the evening by taking in the Barrackville Christmas parade. My sister, Samantha, is a teacher in Barrackville and would encourage you all to take part in their full day of festivities with crafts, food, and cheer.

Every community has ties to our own in some way, by visiting and patronizing local shops, artisans, and towns, we in turn keep our little corner of the world turning.

Count it down!

We are currently sitting at 18 days until Christmas! Not to jinx it, but that means we have a little over two weeks to deck the halls, untangle the tinsel, and maybe we’ll see a little snowfall before the big day!

Mass Schedule During Advent

Father Vincy will be celebrating Mass every weekday morning Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. at St. Patrick Church during the Advent Season.

What a tree!

Kasey and I stopped by to take a gander at the North Marion tree and boy we are glad we did! What a beautiful tree. The staff and students at North Marion High really put together a great area to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, in our community, not everyone may have a tree to put up or lights to string on their home. It’s nice to see groups organize such places so that everyone can feel the spirit of the season.


If you haven’t noticed the new courtyard in town, it’s worth a look! For those of us who have been around town for a while, the vacant area beside what used to be Toothman’s Hardware and was once the site of the liquor store, is now decorated with a beautiful tree and a few friendly homemade snowmen.

Businesses in town have graciously adopted poles along Main Street to decorate in their own friendly way and the lights have been lit along the parade route through town. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Bake Sale

St. Patrick’s Altar and Rosary Society will host a Christmas Bake Sale & Cookie Tray Sale on Dec. 13. Cookie trays are $18 for four dozen cookies and fudge or $9 for two dozen cookies and fudge. Church members and A&R members are being asked to donate nine dozen cookies made of three different recipes.

Nut rolls will be baked on Dec. 10 and will be sold for $8.

Christmas Parade Info

The Farmington Christmas parade will be held on Friday, Dec. 13, at 6:30 p.m. Line-up will start at 6 p.m. in the Alasky’s complex. Parade will travel down Husky Highway and through the main street of town. Santa will stop at the Fire Department on Railroad Street where he will meet with all the boys and girls (young and old). Cookies and hot cocoa will be provided. To enter the parade, please contact Town Hall at (304) 825-6442.


The music department at Fairview Middle will have its annual holiday concert on Dec. 17 in the middle school auditorium. Both chorus and band students will perform. Both students and staff work continuously throughout the semester to learn a variety of music. Stop by and show your appreciation!


Happiest of birthdays to our friends Paula Wiley, Sarah Ott, Christy Hess, Joe Regillo and Charlotte Kovar. Not quite Christmas babies but holly and jolly to have them nonetheless.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Our Catholic church and its sister parish will be at the Feast of Seven Fishes next week. Here in the office we have been looking forward to the downtown festival for many a day. Volunteers are needed to make sure the booth is well manned and should be at Sansalone Law Office by 8 a.m. to prepare dough. Festival begins at 10 a.m. off of Adams Street in Downtown Fairmont. If you don’t know where, just follow your nose. It’ll lead you to the right place!


Mr. Pigott, the mail carrier in 1908, got himself a brand new sleigh. He said come next snowfall it’ll be very useful on his route.

Seventeen-year-old Harold Ridgely had his face badly burned when a discharge from a shotgun passed very close to his head while hunting near Farmington. The incident happened in 1914 when young Harold caught the trigger in his boot strap, causing the discharge. One eye was burned but it was thought he would recover without losing sight in that eye.

It was reported in that year that a large crowd attended the Christmas tree at Teverbaugh and enjoyed a good time. Can you imagine the decorations? Next Thursday, Dec. 12 is the anniversary of the 1913 Fire which destroyed several buildings including the Methodist Church. Around 4 a.m. that morning, fire broke out in Henry Morgan’s hardware store, cause unknown.

Telegraph operator, Mr. Haggerty, spread the alarm. “The bucket brigade did noble work and kept the flames from spreading. Fortunately, there was little wind to keep the flames from spreading. Had the wind been from the other direction the entire business part of town would have been swept away.”

Losses included the hardware store, John Fetty’s store, James Reese’s harness store, Steve Vincent’s confectionery, W.H. Veach building and the Methodist Episcopal church. The church was a brick structure erected in 1884, nothing but the walls were left.

The piano, organ, some of the seats and the carpet was removed from the structure while it was burning. All in all the total property loss amounted to $18,400. The equivalent today would be well over $480,000 if not more.

This fire, combined with the one in the spring before, made citizens contemplate putting in a complete water works for the town.

Ice Skating

Once again, MCPARC will be instituting their artificial ice rink in Fairmont. We have benefited from this great wintertime activity since it’s inception a few years ago. Normally located at the Splash Park in Palatine Park, this year the rink will be located at East Marion Park on the deck of the Wave Pool.

MCPARC will be bringing back the artificial ice rink once again! Tonight is the first night of skating for the 2019 winter season. Skating begins at 1 p.m. and closes at 9 p.m. Music will be provided by the MCPARC Community Band at 5 p.m. All admission and skate rental is free of charge, concessions are available for purchase. Come take a spin around the ice and watch out for Santa to make a surprise visit during the day!

On This Day

Today is the 78th anniversary of the attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor and thus our entrance into World War II. Among the 18 ships sank that day was the USS West Virginia. A year after the end of World War II, South Charleston named the Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital after Mr. Thomas who was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner for services in the great war.

Project Graduation Meeting

The Marion County Project Graduation will have a planning meeting next week. If you have a 2020 graduate and would like more information or would like to volunteer to help out at the festivities please plan to attend. Scheduled for this coming Thursday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. in the MCPARC Offices, the meeting will cover planning and would love the feedback from members of the Class of 2020 to focus on what they’d like to see and do at Project Graduation.

Project Graduation has provided a safe and celebratory environment for graduates for several decades now and relies on volunteers to make it a great event. We need opportunities like this to celebrate such important milestones and accomplishments in the lives of not only our students but also their families, teachers, coaches, and support systems who have helped them so much to achieve their goals.

Foundation Seeking Sponsors for Fundraiser

The North Marion High School Foundation is seeking sponsors for the May 2, 2020 Fundraiser Elimination Dinner. Last year’s sponsors included the Marion County Rescue Squad, Wolfe & Associates, Tanya Devine of HFS Realty, Mary Jo Thomas, Alasky’s Inc, Thrasher Engineering and First Exchange Bank.

Because of their support, the Foundation has provided mini grants during the 2019-2020 school year to help teachers sustain and expand academic opportunities for North Marion and Technical Center students. Donations are ranked in levels ranging from “Husky Pup” at $250 to “Top Dog” at $2,500 and come with tickets and perks for being donors. If you or your business is interested in being a donor please contact Tanya Devine (304) 657-1201, Jessica Hayes (304) 365-0523,

Jolly ol Jokes

Kyan and I enjoy texting each other silly jokes throughout the week. I send them to him throughout the day and he gets them on the ride home from school. The longer the week runs (and the closer we get to the weekend) the worse they get. Here are a few gems we’ve bounced back and forth lately.

Q. Who is Santa’s Favorite singer? A. Elf-ish Presley. Q. Why did the gingerbread boy stay home from school? A. He felt crumby. Q. Did you hear that Frosty the Snowman is having a horrible winter? A. It’s sad. He had a great fall.

Sending Greetings

You can contact me Monday-Friday at the Times West Virginian office here on Quincy Street. I am also available by phone at (304) 367-2527 or email me at Thanks to everyone who has popped in lately to say hello or sent me a note. I enjoy and appreciate it!

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