An older lady traveling alone had to pull off the highway due to a flat tire. She was alone and scared on the dark, deserted road when a young man pulled up in an old beat up truck and came to her car window.

Ma’am, are you OK, can I help you ? She barely cracked the window to let him know she had a flat tire and needed it changed. The young man said he could do that and went to work quickly.

He made the change and told her she could be on her way that it was all taken care of. She asked him what she owed him and he said, you owe me nothing just help someone else along you way.

She asked him his name and he said, John Goode. She said, thank you young man for all your help and that she appreciated his help.

She drove on to the next town and found herself a little hungry and stopped at a little diner along the highway and decided to get a bite to eat. The young lady that came to wait on her appeared to be in her 8th month of pregnancy and, by her looks, very tired.

She took the order for the lady and kept working and cleaning the tables. The lady said she needed her bill and the waitress brought it to her and she was given a hundred dollar bill.

Going to go get her change when she went back to the table, the elderly lady was gone and when she started cleaning off the table under the napkin were four 100 dollar bills and a note that said, “Thank You and everything is gonna’ be alright.”

After her shift was completed, so tired from working all day, she went home to find that her husband was sleeping, as he also worked two jobs to help make ends meet. She did not want to wake him but just quietly lay down beside him with her arm around him she said, Don’t worry John Goode, everything is gonna’ be alright.

See, this young man went the extra mile. Not thinking of himself but helping someone else. Nor did the elderly lady know that the young lady that took her order and served her was the wife of John Goode.

Pay it forward to someone. Help someone today. Luke 6:38 Give and it will be given to you, A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

God Bless and have a Jesus filled day.