Have you ever blown it? Have you ever felt like you have done something that is unforgivable?

I believe it is possible for everyone to feel that way at some point. There are some people in the Bible that surely felt like they went too far. By too far, I mean that they crossed a boundary that they had set for themselves in seeking to be the kind of person God would have them be.

Think with me for a moment about Peter. Peter swore to Jesus that he would stand with him no matter what Jesus went through. Peter was, well let’s just plainly say, trusting in his own ego power, or sense of personal resolve, or pride you might say.

He swore it so.

But in the heat of conflict he cursed and denied that he even knew who Jesus was. Peter crossed that personal line that he said he would never cross, and he blew it big time. He was ashamed of himself.

Jesus knew it was coming just like he knows your and my weaknesses. He knows us through and through. He knows how fragile we are in our own ability without him.

Think with me for a moment about David. David should have gone to war with the other soldiers, but he stayed behind looking over his balcony at woman bathing. David crossed a personal boundary. He not only looked, he acted on what he saw and fornicated with another man’s wife.

Then he tried to cover his tracks and went even farther into another shameful choice by having the husband killed in battle. David blew it horribly. His conscience was so hardened by his sin that God sent the prophet Nathan to help him come to his senses. Here is a man who loved God with all of his heart and discovered he could not even keep his heart pure.

Peter was restored by Jesus personally when Jesus came to the shore line and offered the disciples breakfast. He asked Peter if he loved him three different times and broke the power of the three times Peter cursed him. Each time Peter said he loved Jesus took another layer of hurt from his soul.

David came to his senses and repented so deeply that he was restored to the sweet fellowship he had known with God. David is still known as the man after God’s own heart. Think of that. Jesus is even called the Son of David.

God restores people. God restores people when they first come to him when life is coming apart at the seams. God restores people who have been with him and then gone off the rails. God rebuilds broken souls and mess-ups of all kinds. God does not want you to feel like you are not worth his love and care because you have blown it.

He will meet you right where you are. He is the God who is there for you always and forever.

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