DHHR given federal SNAP during COVID-19 pandemic

CHARLESTON – The federal government granted the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Children and Families two waivers for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as part of an ongoing response to coronavirus COVID-19.

One waiver extends the renewal period for residents who receive SNAP benefits. SNAP recipients due for eligibility review in March, April or May 2020 will have their review delayed for six months. Notifications will be sent to individuals with case-specific information.

Another waiver allow for a supplemental payment to households approved for SNAP benefits prior to April 1. This will increase SNAP benefits to the maximum allowable amount for the month and will vary by client. These payments will be released to Electronic Benefits Transfer cards on April 3 and May 1. There is no application or paperwork required and clients do not have to contact their DHHR office to access this benefit. SNAP households that already receive the maximum monthly allotment are not eligible for this supplemental payment.

“Addressing food insecurity in this unprecedented time is critical, and these federal waivers will help us strengthen our efforts to support West Virginia families facing hardship due to COVID-19,” said Linda Watts, commissioner of DHHR’s Bureau for Children and Families. “We are continuing to work with federal authorities to explore additional options for delivering nutritional assistance to families impacted by the crisis.”

For additional information, call DHHR’s Customer Services hotline at 1-877-716-1212.

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