In this new extended release of “Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me) [Extended Version]” John Ellison speaks out up what is going on in the U.S.A. right now, asking for justice and change. In the “Wake-Up Call (No Strangers to Tragedy)” extended version of the single, John starts with an intro talk telling about some of his tragic family stories on racism in the U.S.A. to help people understand the urgency of his message.

John Ellison, American soul legend, founder, and lead singer of Soul Brothers Six, is the charismatic creator of the worldwide smash hit and R&B classic “Some Kind of Wonderful”. The song was covered by more than 67 artists (e.g. Grand Funk Railroad, Joss Stone, Huey Lewis & the News, Buddy Guy and many more).

John received no fewer than 5 lifetime BMI achievement awards and was inducted in the Music Hall of Fame. John Ellison impresses with his music and voice and is one of the few remaining soul and blues legends that have made an essential contribution to the development of blues, gospel, soul and funk music in a time of great social change. John is living proof of hard struggle, faith, unity, and success.



Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)

Lyrics by John Ellison, Music by Roger Heijster

Vocals by John Ellison

Guitars, Basses, Hammond & Programming by Roger Heijster

Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Roger Heijster

Horns Co-Arranged by D'Mar

Mastered by Ward Veenstra

Video Editing by Christopher Lund Andersen


℗© 2020 PopMi Music