Holding a dying Doxen mix in her arms was almost more than Lisa Boyce could bear. And that same dog has inspired an organization with a special event planned for Sunday. On Sunday, the group will be partnering up with the Dairy Creme Corner to host an event with one purpose in mind. Volunteers want to find homes for rescued dogs in local shelters. West Virginia Pet and the Marion County Humane Society will be present for the Pet Rescue Adoption evening, which will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Dairy Creme Corner.

 Entertainment is in store for the children who come out, with games such as Dime Toss. Prizes will be awarded. Maddie’s Angels will also be accepting donated items needed for the rescued pets. Guests who bring items will be given one baby ice cream cone per item. Handmade jewelery for sale will benefit Maddie’s Angels as well as a raffle for a handmade quilt with two pillowcases.

“It’s just trying to get everyone together and letting them know what the importance of spaying or neutering them and the importance of adopting instead of buying at the pet stores,” Boyce said. “There are so many rescues, it’s unbelievable. They’re all completely full.”


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