The selection committee for Morgantown City Council’s guaranteed energy savings contract has chosen a Pittsburgh company, CLT Efficient Technologies Group, for the contract’s first phase, pending the signing of a letter of intent at the Nov. 5 City Council meeting.

City officials said the first phase is an investment-grade audit of energy savings that could be achieved through different management of city-owned entities.

If the energy audit shows that the city will not gain financially from energy saving measures on city entities, the audit will cost the city $9,500.

But if the audit shows the city can gain financially while saving energy, CLT will begin contracting for construction changes. After the changes are implemented, CLT will monitor them for 15 years, city officials said. Should the projected savings turn out to be less than CLT’s projection, the company will pay the city the difference.

“The expense up front is practically guaranteed on the back end,” said Mayor Ron Justice. “It's like having a safety net.”

The audit will include buildings, the Board of Parks and Recreation’s ice rink, street lights and traffic signals.

Preliminary studies show the city will reap a great savings by going green.

“Street lighting alone can save the city about $80,000 a year,” City Manager Dan Boroff said.

The letter of intent says CLT will complete and submit the audit report within 90 days of signing the letter and will begin energy saving structural changes to city entities by March or April 2009.

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