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Fairmont State University student ambassadors Asia-Lynn Cooper, left, and Elizabeth Chaney wait at the school’s admissions office ready to welcome applicants to the new Admit on the Spot program Monday.

FAIRMONT – Rather than sending in a college application and waiting months for an acceptance letter, Fairmont State University is offering a different option to potential new students this summer.

The office of recruitment came up with the “Admit on the Spot” initiative, which allows prospective students to come in, submit their test scores and applications to potentially gain acceptance to the school the same day.

“It’s kind of like a one-stop shop,” said Geri Signorelli, graduate assistant in Fairmont State’s office of recruitment. “Students, they’re able to come in with their official documents if they bring their transcripts, if they bring their old ACT or SAT scores to us, as long as they’re sealed up in an envelope, we can go ahead and process them that day.”

According to Signorelli, Fairmont State started the Admit on the Spot initiative last year, in order to give last-minute applicants a chance to get in for the fall semester. The university benefits as well because more students can be admitted for a cost-less application process.

The entire process of admission to the university is condensed on these Admit on the Spot days, to the point where people can register for classes on the day they’re accepted.

“Recruitment staff will verify the students’ acceptance and help them activate their myFairmontState account,” said Brittany Stout, university director of recruitment. “Then students will be escorted to their designated major areas to meet with an advisor. The Financial Aid and Housing offices will be ready to serve these visitors as well. We are excited to meet everyone needing to take advantage of these days.”

Stout and Signorelli noted that several prospective students took advantage of the opportunity in the first half hour of the office hours Monday. Signorelli also said the main people she saw were transfer students and non-traditional students who are looking to start a new academic career at Fairmont State.

“These sessions are nice for the local people especially,” she said. “If they’re off of work for a couple hours, they can come in, get all this done and then go home.”

The university will host these Admit on the Spot days on Monday and Thursday afternoons throughout July. Signorelli said people need to bring a government ID and official high school transcripts or official college transcripts, if transferring.

Signorelli said she expects the program to get more traffic coming through the Turley Center on Campus in the summer, especially seeing how the initiative did last year in the same time period.

“We had a lot of our orientation dates in June, so this opened it up in July to get a lot more traction, a lot more people coming in here,” Signorelli said. “It really helped our numbers a lot and we’re hoping this year it’ll do the same.”

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