FAIRMONT — A 46-year-old man surrendered to officers after he crashed his motorcycle in a police pursuit July 2 that at one point allegedly exceeded speeds of 55 mph in a 25 mph zone in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Samuel Thomas Iaquinta Jr. of 905 Emerson St., Fairmont was charged with felony obstructing an officer and fleeing from an officer. According to the court papers, a Fairmont Police Department patrolman was on patrol around 7:28 p.m. July 2 in the area of the Jefferson Street Bridge when the officer saw a gray motorcycle, operated by Iaquinta, allegedly begin driving in a reckless manner. There was a passenger, the complaint states.

The motorcycle allegedly rapidly accelerated to approximately 40 mph, the complaint states. Iaquinta allegedly then came to a stop at the intersection of Washington and Jefferson streets in the right/left turn lane. Iaquinta then made a right-hand turn from the left lane, according to the complaint.

As the officer followed the motorcycle, Iaquinta, without stopping, allegedly passed a vehicle stopped at the intersection of Washington and Madison streets and continued westbound on Madison. The officer activated his emergency lights, and Iaquinta looked over his left shoulder and allegedly accelerated again to the intersection of Madison and Adams streets, the complaint states.

The officer stated that Iaquinta made a right-hand turn onto Adams Street, but was unable to maintain control of the motorcycle, which caused him to enter the left-hand lane as he turned right. The officer activated his sirens, and again, ordered Iaquinta to stop.

According to the court papers, Iaquinta then allegedly accelerated again and continued to flee as he passed through the center line and continued straight. He allegedly continued until he turned right onto Maple Avenue.

The complaint states that Iaquinta allegedly exceeded speeds of approximately 55 mph on Maple Avenue, a 25 mph zone, and proceeded through the stop sign, without stopping, at the intersection of Holbert and Maple avenues.

“It was not until Mr. Iaquinta wrecked the motorcycle at the intersection of Baltimore Street and Maple Avenue that he finally surrendered to officers,” the complaint states.

Court records show Iaquinta’s bail was set at $30,012, which was posted.

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