FAIRMONT – Fairmont Police have charged a man with two counts of grand larceny in connection with the theft of two vehicles.

Police charged Michael Scott Wild, 29, on June 26, two days after an officer spotted Wild walking along Fairmont Avenue.

According to the complaint, the officer who stopped Wild knew there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest in a separate case.

Since June 6, Fairmont police had been trying to solve the theft of a Honda Pilot and a Honda Accord that were both taken from 205 Locust Ave.

On June 8, the Honda Pilot was recovered not far from the scene with a broken driver’s side window broken out.

On June 24, when Wild was questioned and searched by police, the officer recovered the two Honda vehicle keys from Wild’s pants pockets.

He was then read his Miranda rights and booked.

At press time, Wild remained in the North Central Regional Jail where his bond is set at $25,012.