Denzil Masters

Denzil Masters sits in court Friday for his plea and sentencing.

FAIRMONT — A 44-year-old Carolina man is facing time in a state correctional facility following his sentencing Friday on a possession with intent to deliver charge from a 2018 case.

Denzil Alfred Masters appeared before Marion County Judge Patrick N. Wilson for his plea and sentencing.

According to the original complaint of the March 17, 2018 incident, Masters had also been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, but that was dismissed Friday. He pleaded guilty to the possession with intent to deliver charge.

Wilson sentenced Masters to one to five years in a state correctional facility. Masters appeared anxious to get on with his life, and said he was “willing put this behind me and move forward.”

He noted that he has five children and was getting his job back.

According to the criminal complaint, Marion County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called March 17, 2018 to assist the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department as part of an ongoing investigation at the Microtel in White Hall. Harrison County Sheriff’s Department was attempting to locate Timothy Lewis, who had multiple felony warrants and had fled, the complaint states. They thought he could be located in Room 221 of the hotel.

The deputies knocked and identified themselves as law enforcement, and heard movement inside the room and a male asked “who is it,” according to the complaint.

When deputies entered the room, they located two males and two females, with the males identified as Corey Hostuttler and Denzil Masters, the complaint states.

A search warrant was executed, and deputies located multiple small plastic baggies and other packaging material, multiple hypodermic needles, a high point .45 caliber pistol, a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, live rounds for each of the firearms, four small baggies containing a crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine, two glass smoking pipes and other paraphernalia, according to the court papers.

The complaint states that both females implied that Masters was staying in the room and “has been using as well as distributing the methamphetamine while there.” According to the court papers, deputies were also advised that Masters “had been helped in the sale and distribution of methamphetamine by Corey Hostuttler” and that “Corey worked for Denzil.”

During his appearance in court Friday, Masters said “some of it was mine,” referring to the methamphetamine.

When asked if he intended to sell or deliver the methamphetamine to others, Masters originally stated no, but after consultation with his attorney, he changed his answer to yes.

He was ordered to pay court costs of $517 and attorney fees within two years of his release. He will also get credit for time served.

Eric Hrin can be reached at (304) 367-2549.

Eric Hrin can be reached at 304-367-2549, or

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