Police Lights

FAIRMONT — A Four States woman is accused of leaving her frail elderly mother unattended so long the woman had multiple bed sores, lice nits and was covered in dried feces.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department charged 41-year-old Crystal Gale Jones, of 74 Tank Hill Rd., with felony neglect of an incapacitated adult, according to a criminal complaint made public Friday for the first time.

The investigation began May 2 when deputies were called to the emergency room at Fairmont Regional Medical Center. Authorities said the woman’s condition was so severe that her toe had to be amputated.

Police identified the victim as Deborah Jones, no age given, who lived at the same Tank Hill Road address. Deborah Jones was transported to the hospital by Crystal Gale Jones’ younger sister.

Nurses documented that Deborah Jones had feces in her hair, on her face, under her nails and on her arms and legs.

During a bath, Jones was also found to have a bedsore on her coccyx and two near her left hip, according to the court papers.

The bedsore on her coccyx was described as the size of a fifty-cent piece. The two near her left hip were described as the size of a quarter and another the size of a dime, the complaint states.

According to the court papers, nurses also documented that Deborah Jones’ entire groin area was excoriated and painful, and her right toe was gangrenous. She had a urinary tract infection and tested positive test for E. coli in her urine.

The complaint states that a later medical assessment by a nurse noted that the excoriated area of her groin had a “raging yeast infection.”

According to the court papers, hospital staff also found lice nits in Deborah Jones’ hair.

“While treating her for the lice, the nurse could not get a comb through areas of the hair due to matting and knotting of her hair,” the complaint states. “Those areas had to be cut away.”

According to the criminal complaint, when nurses touched one of Deborah Jones’ ears during a bath, Jones pulled away as if in pain.

“Examination revealed that both ear canals were completely impacted with ear wax,” the complaint said.

Primary care records show that Deborah Jones had not been taken to her physician since March 17, 2017.

Diagnosis records from her primary care provider indicated that Jones suffers from type II insulin dependent diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, abnormal tremor and normal pressure hydrocephalus. The complaint states that pharmacy records indicate that November 2018 was the last time one of her prescriptions was filled for her.

“Ultimately, due to the severely neglected state that Deborah Jones was found in, her toe had to be amputated,” the complaint states.

On May 21, a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office interviewed Crystal Jones at her home.

According to the court papers, Crystal Jones allegedly acknowledged being her mother’s primary caregiver.

The complaint alleges that Crystal Jones eventually acknowledged noticing the redness, and bathed her mother approximately once per week and that she could not clean her hair well.

Crystal Jones allegedly admitted she knew about one of the bed sores, and to not taking her mother to the physician in “quite some time.” She also acknowledged getting her mother’s prescription medications since approximately November 2018, according to the court papers.

“Jones then stated that she found bags of old medication of her mother’s and were providing those medications instead,” the complaint states.

The deputy asked Crystal Jones what she thought should happen.

“Jones responded by stating that she is responsible and feels really bad,” the complaint states. She also allegedly acknowledged that the matter could lead to criminal charges, according to the complaint.

Court records show that Jones’ bail was set at $2,012, which was posted.

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