Name: Karl David Kennedy


Address: 306 Wilson St., Fairmont

Education: High school, college, university, USMC War College

Current office and/or occupation: Asset Management, Movement and Security of real goods for a huge national retailer

Family: Yes, here in West Virginia, Florida, Colorado and Oregon

1. Why did you decide to seek this office?

The real catalyst was the destruction of the homeless encampment along the river last fall. It infuriated me that those helpless, homeless people could have their few meager belongings destroyed and literally be thrown out on the streets. Bullying and hate like that are not a policy of good city government. We intend to change that quickly when in office. Winter is coming on, and to my knowledge, a warming station has not yet been provided for them.

2. What experiences and skills have prepared you to be an efficient representative for this office?

USMC Non-Commissioned Officer, 30-plus years as a Boy Scout volunteer, 30-plus years as a Lions Club member and four times president, 14 years as director of a regional history research center, 21 years as a corporate officer with a local company, 17 years as a manager for a global energy company. World traveler.

3. What actions have you taken in preparation for holding this office?

I have filed for this office properly, I am a lifelong resident who has listened to the dissatisfaction and cries of the citizenry who reside in our town. I am prepared to give of my time and resources to re-build Fairmont into the Friendly City it once was. I will accept no campaign donations and intend to give the small monthly remittance for this office to charity.

4. If you are elected, what issues would be your top priority, and how would you seek to address them?

1) The “Liberal Experiment” has failed, it is time to return to the safety of the Conservative Strong Mayor form of government our city employed years ago.

2) Solve the homeless issue by creating a homeless village like Portland, Oregon did years ago. Erect small 12’x14’ shed buildings on a tract of land and have the city supply the Porta Johns and garbage bins as a reparation for the destruction they caused. Have as little costly administration as possible and work with a faith-based group to see that medical and other basic needs are met.

3) Create a 24-hour Patch a Pothole hotline or website. A person reports a pothole and within 24 hours it’s repaired. For county and state routes, do the work and back charge them for the labor and materials.

4) Work with our county commission to complete the Korean War Memorial ASAP.

5) Try to capture as much grant money as possible in the next 6 years. Work with the David McKinley people to gather in this resource for ALL of the small towns in the county. (President Trump wants to thank West Virginia for giving him this opportunity to serve, he will do that by sending us grant money.) This money should not be frittered away on kook schemes, but used on projects that will build jobs and improve safety in our communities. Fairmont can be a better helper to these small towns.

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