FAIRMONT — A man fled Fairmont Police Department officers after they spotted him in a stolen vehicle Tuesday afternoon in downtown Fairmont, according to Fairmont Police Chief Steve Shine.

“Officers were able to identify it after they passed it,” he said of the vehicle. “They turned around on it.”

He said the vehicle took off and fled for a short distance before coming to a stop.

“The driver bailed out of the vehicle, took off over the embankment,” he said. “Officers gave chase across the tracks and into the river.”

He said there were state police and members of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office with officers on the other side of the Monongahela River.

“I think that he saw that he wasn’t going to get away,” Shine said. “There was also a civilian boat that looked like it was trying to assist us. We were able to drag him back to shore and bring him up over the embankment.”

The vehicle, a Grand Caravan, came to a stop on Everest Drive, where the suspect allegedly fled.

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