Chris Viani

Chris Viani stands by a large pine tree that fell in the front of his house during Thursday’s storm in Fairmont. He said his house was spared because of the way the tree twisted as it fell.

FAIRMONT — Chris Viani was feeling “really lucky” after Thursday’s destructive storm.

A large pine tree fell over in his yard in Fairmont, but fortunately for Viani, the trunk seemed to have twisted as it fell, missing his house.

“I can’t believe it twisted like that,” said Viani, who lives in the 900 block of Country Club Road. “And it didn’t break. It kind of just fell over.”

He estimated the trunk of the massive tree came to rest in his front yard about 15 feet away from his house.

As result, Viani said the tree didn’t do “one bit of damage” to his home.

“I just got lucky,” he said.

The way the tree fell surprised him.

“I thought it would uproot before it would twist, but it just twisted off, snapped over and that was it,” he said.

He said the wind blew fiercely during the storm.

“I was on the front porch before it

happened,” he said. “The wind was blowing so hard, I went to the back porch, and it fell over.”

He said the only thing he heard was a “small thud.”

“I came out to close the front door and saw it laying there,” he said. “It’s just weird.”

“He was very lucky,” said Kristine Ewing, his neighbor.

She sai the fact the tree did not his his home is an odd “twist” of fate.

“That’s Mother Nature for you,” she said.

Others in the city likely weren’t feeling quite so lucky.

The storm caused not only downed trees, but multiple power outages. At several intersections, traffic lights were out as first responders took on the duty of directing traffic.

A tree on Walnut Avenue fell against a house. An oak tree on the front lawn of Fairmont State University lost multiple limbs and the second entrance on Locust Avenue was littered with tree debris blown by the storm.

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