Quionte Jordan Crawford

Quionte Jordan Crawford faces five concurrent life sentences in federal prison.

CLARKSBURG – Twenty-seven-year-old Quionte Jordan Crawford, of Fairmont, faces five concurrent life sentences for using his smart phone to convince minors to send explicit pictures and videos, according to U.S. Attorney Bill Powell.

Crawford, also known as “Kayla Stevens,” pled guilty to five counts of enticement of a minor in June 2019. Crawford admitted to using his smart phone to persuade five different teenage boys to send sexually explicit pictures and videos to him. The crimes took place from November 2017 to December 2018 in Marion County.

“The defendant’s conduct was reprehensible and directed at children. Unfortunately, technology provides many options for those with evil intent. The defendant will now spend the rest of his life in a place where he cannot continue the vile activities he orchestrated,” said Powell.

Crawford preyed on teenagers by using a fake persona and picture of a teenage girl to attract their attention and to coerce them into sharing the inappropriate pictures and videos. Crawford used threats at times to gain the explicit materials.

Crawford deftly, and sometimes cruelly, employed emotional and psychological coercion in order to obtain gratification for his sexual interests.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David J. Perri prosecuted the case on behalf of the government. The Bridgeport Police Department investigated.

U.S. District Judge Thomas S. Kleeh presided.

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