Sherry Wable, Sanjay Bharti and Sander Jordan

Fairmont Regional Medical Center personnel man their positions in the emergency room on Christmas, there to help anyone going through an emergency. From left are Sherry Wable, Sanjay Bharti and Sander Jordan.

FAIRMONT – You never know when an emergency will happen, and holidays are no exception to that rule.

Sander Jordan is an RN at Fairmont Regional Medical Center, and has worked in the emergency room every other Christmas for 13 years. He said the

“The emergency room is here to help people going through an emergency because a lot of doctor’s offices are closed today,” Jordan said. “So people that have an emergency, we’re more than happy to have them come to the ER and we’ll be here to serve them.”

According to Jordan, Fairmont Regional had a few emergency room visits from people in need on Christmas, which is the usual case for the holiday. He said that in this season in particular, the flu can be a common illness, because of the spread of germs over the holidays.

“What we’ve been saying here especially this week is we’ve had multiple flu A and B,” Jordan said. “It’s not really the temperature or the time of year, it’s everybody congregating together during shopping and family gettogethers and then they spread the virus.”

Jordan also said that people coming to the emergency room on any holiday are usually there for a real emergency, and they come in on their own without a call to an ambulance.

The crew that works on Christmas rotates from year to year, ensuring that everyone has a holiday off. However, Sherry Wable had the day off, but went to work anyway, because the hospital needs staff to keep it running, and she didn’t want to leave her co-workers hanging.

“Because they needed the staff,” said Wable, a Medical Assistant at Fairmont Regional. “I feel bad leaving them stranded.”

The Christmas staff of the emergency room also credited Dr. Sanjay Bharti, who works a 24 hour shift in the emergency room on Christmas, with keeping the whole operation going, to ensure visitors get the care they need.

Jordan said that some people can see tragedy on Christmas, which is the reason for their emergency room visit. Having worked Christmas in the emergency room for several years, he said he has seen some unfortunate circumstances occur with visitors.

“One of the greatest losses you have is people that pass away on holidays,” Jordan said. “That’s always tough for families, tough to tell people.”

Despite the burden of having to work on Christmas and the unfortunate sights that can come along with it, Jordan said that the day is normally not too exciting, and the patients who come in for service are usually those who are really in need of emergency care.

“The whole entire hospital is a skeleton crew,” Jordan said. “It’s for people who have a true emergency, and that’s generally the people you see show up to the ER, is people who have a true need.”

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