FAIRMONT — A 38-year-old Lake City, Fla. woman was charged with burglary after she allegedly entered a residence July 3 in Fairmont, removed candles from their packaging and lit them, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Melissa Ann Dover of 176 NW Lott Court, Lake City, Fla. faces the felony offense.

According to the court papers, a Fairmont Police Department patrolman received a complaint of a burglary in progress at an address on Maryland Avenue. When officers went to the home, they found Dover inside the residence.

The complaint states that Dover allegedly “did force entry into this residence,” by breaking a window on the rear door.

While inside the home, Dover allegedly removed candles from their original packaging and lit them, according to the court papers.

One of the candles she lit was placed on a window seal in the kitchen, the complaint states. Police said the wax from this candle dripped onto the window seal and damaged the homeowner’s property.

According to the complaint, the other candle was located outside the residence on the rear porch. The complaint states that various forms of drug paraphernalia were allegedly located inside Dover’s belongings in an upstairs bedroom.

Police said the homeowner was contacted, and stated no one had permission to be inside the residence.

The officer ran Dover’s information through dispatch, which said that Dover had two outstanding warrants for truancy in Randolph County.

Court records show Dover’s bail was set at $10,012. She is in North Central Regional Jail.

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