FAIRMONT — A Mannington woman admitted she conspired with multiple people to sell and deliver drugs in Marion County, according to court records.

West Virginia State Police charged 35-year-old Sierra Ladawn Hayhurst with manufacture, deliver, possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a schedule I, II, III drug. She also faces two counts of conspiracy to violate. Court records show she is being held in the North Central Regional Jail in lieu of posting $250,012 bail.

The case began Nov. 5 when Hayhurst was a passenger in a 2012 Toyota Tacoma that was stopped by state police for defective equipment on Connecticut Avenue on the East Side of Fairmont.

When police asked the man who was driving the Toyota if he knew about the defective equipment, he said he was taking Hayhurst to a friend’s house. The corporal stated he knew Hayhurst from a past investigation into methamphetamine trafficking.

According to the criminal complaint, the corporal saw a large item in the left front pocket of the driver that was consistent with a marijuana bowl or smoke pipe. The driver admitted it was a marijuana bowl, the complaint states. The corporal obtained the bowl, along with a black zippered pouch which contained multiple needles and plastic zip lock baggies, which the corporal said, are consistent with heroin or methamphetamine users.

A search of the Toyota revealed a plastic bag of meth was concealed behind the plastic interior cover on the right side of the front passenger seat, as well as four Suboxone strips, according to the complaint. Hayhurst denied having any knowledge of the meth, and said someone had accidentally left the Suboxone behind and she “stuck them in her purse and had yet to return them,” the complaint states.

A search of Hayhurst’s cell phone revealed multiple calls Hayhurst made in which she talked about making drug deliveries, according to the complaint. The corporal said one person who spoke to Hayhurst just before the traffic stop, ordered a small amount of meth from her. She was on the way to deliver the illicit drug prior to the stop.

According to the complaint, there was another text conversation between Hayhurst and another person during the early morning hours of Nov. 5 in which Hayhurst wanted the person “find someone she could sell ‘strips’ to.” The corporal interpreted the texts to be in reference to the strips found in Hayhurst’s wallet during the traffic stop, the complaint states.

The complaint states that the corporal obtained a recorded statement from Hayhurst admitting she conspired with multiple people to sell and deliver illegal substances in the Marion County area.

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