Jack Erdie

Fairmont native Jack Erdie will play the Blue Moose Cafe on Saturday.

Fairmont native Jack Erdie will be back with his folk, acoustic musical stylings on Saturday.

Working on a new album called “Mystery Sandwich,” Erdie will be shifting gears from just him and his guitar to more of a band effort.

His most recent release “Pumpkin” is a roots and Americana project.

“It’s very stripped down — mostly me, with a couple other instruments added, but some of the songs are just me, guitar and the harmonica,” Erdie said.

Two members of his new five-member band The Insubordinates will be joining him at the Blue Moose Cafe in Morgantown on Saturday at 9 p.m. Opening for him will be Doug McCarty of Fairmont.

“The show Doug and I have done in the past has kind of been in the round,” Erdie said. “We kind of sat around and did songs. He would do one then I’d do one or both sit on stage and play. But it’s funny, in Pittsburgh people have more of a hunger for that kind of stripped down thing.”

For the show this weekend, McCarty will open and then Erdie will do solos before his band joins him.

Admission is $5.

For more information, go to www.jackerdie.com.

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