Jeff Tuohy

Singer and songwriter Jeff Tuohy will perform at 10 p.m. tonight at Bunny’s in Fairmont.

Out of New York City and spreading his sound across the nation, Jeff Tuohy, 25, will be stopping in Fairmont to perform tonight at Bunny’s.

A seasoned actor and frontman, the young singer, songwriter and guitar player is trying his hand at his dream right out of college.

Besides the energy and culture of New York City, there’s more that inspires Tuohy to do music.

“With any kind of art, you are kind of expressing something you are feeling in it,” he said. “The great thing about art is you are trying to find that truth in other people, too. That’s why many write about love. (In the album, I was writing about) self doubt and following the right path. You get inspired by moments of doubt ... or falling in love or out of love.

“Inspiration comes when I feel that, and I hope to express that to other people. I like to think I’m relating to people through music, and perhaps I’m saying things people can’t express through words.”

His debut album “Breaking Down the Silence” is his first national release reviewed on radio stations across the country.

Tuohy said his CD is very listening oriented, and it makes you want to tap your feet. And his live show is where he and his band open it up more to improvisation.

“It ranges because one of the things I like as an entertainer is variety — to have a song where you want to dance and another where you just want to sit down and enjoy the music that’s in front of you,” he said. “Try to change up the flavors. Some have a Sublime, reggae feel. Some have an arena rock feel, and some have a James Taylor style.”

Tuohy hopes to continue to expand his audience.

“I hope that it goes as far as it can,” he said. “... If people are listening, that’s just the most important thing. Some nights we sell three CDs and others 20-30 CDs. I hope it just reaches audiences, and people can come out and have a good time.”

The band will be playing multiple cities on this tour including Fairmont, and they hope to come back.

“We’ve played some shows where we have over 100 people watching,” Tuohy said. “We’ve played some shows where we might have 20-30 watching, but if they are attentive and watching, it means just as much.”

The show, at 1539 Fairmont Ave., starts at 10 p.m.

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