Siblings bonding in school

Summer is over and school is beginning. Many new students adventure to the high school. Many not knowing upper classmen and afraid of how they would treat them for being new to high school. Some come to the high school knowing an older sibling.

With having an older sibling there can be benefits. Some older siblings have a problem with their younger siblings and they don’t get along.

Rebecca Horner, a freshmen at EFHS, said, “I truly enjoy having my brother at school with me. It’s nice having him there.”

Brooke Laudermilk, a senior at EFHS, said, “I don’t mind my little brother being at the school with me.”

One of the biggest fears of freshmen when entering high school is finding their way around. Whether it be to classes or to the office, it can be easy to get lost in a big school. Some younger siblings look up to their older siblings, whether it be for their achievements or for help in school.

When in trouble or need of help, older siblings seem to help the younger one out.

Ashley Davis, a freshmen at EFHS, said, “My sister and I talk and I sort of look up to her.”

Some siblings are ashamed of the other and hate having anything to do with them. Some won’t participate in activities when the other is involved in it.

Alexis Miller, a freshmen at EFHS, said, “No, I wouldn’t have a problem with participating in the same thing because I love my sister.”

When it comes down to it, siblings seem to be a bonus more than a bother while in high school together. They will talk to you and help you when you ask for it. They may be protective to a point, but they are not overprotective.

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