Sondra Edwards says she is dubbing her new shop “the smallest store in Fairmont.”

The Beaded Tiger, located inside the Book N Bean, carries a variety of funky clothes and interesting items, and she even plans to carry her own clothing line.

Edwards sees this as another shot at her designer/buyer days. In late ’60s and early ’70s, she was a designer and buyer in Hollywood for rock stars from Elvis to The Bee Gees. She left for the East Coast to be a mother. Now living in Fairmont and having taught design concepts at Fairmont State, she’s ready to try her hand at it all again.

“It’s kind of like a door shut, and I’m opening it,” she said.

In the store now, you’d find such things as a bags, hackysacks, handmade jewelry — like long dangly earrings, rings and necklaces — lightweight summer clothes for all sizes, incense and even a light-switch cover of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Edwards is buying items from all over, including Nepal.

“I used to be a buyer before it was a job because rock ’n’ roll people just couldn’t go out, so I would shop for them,” she said. “Now, I’m just seeing, knock on wood, that I can do it again.”

Soon, Edwards wants to start on her own line of clothes, which will be a lot of shiny silk and long jackets, but she plans to get the store up and running first. With her opening reception last Friday night, she is optimistic about her eclectic shop.

“I want to get my feet wet,” she said. “I think so many times when people start out bigger than they can handle, they fail. So I thought this was a perfect opportunity to put my toe in the water to make sure I could survive. ... It looks like everything will be fine.”

Store hours are 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

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