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Christian rock band Building 429 will play a concert on Jan. 26 at Trinity High School in Morgantown.

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For Building 429, soon after the members got a record deal in 2004, they were catapulted into success.

Their song “Glory Defined” hit No. 1 on eight different charts and became BMI’s 2005 Song of the Year for Christian music. The band received four Dove Award nominations and was named the Gospel Music Association’s 2005 New Artist of the Year. And that was just the beginning of their career.

Now, they are settling into their stride with their new album “Rise” and their next album “Iris to Iris,” due out May 1. The acclaimed band will be at Trinity High School in Morgantown on Jan. 26 for a ticketed concert open to the public.

Michael Anderson, who plays drums for the three-piece band, said such a great start was humbling.

“When you have success like that, you really have to stay true to what you know, try not to get a big head and stay focused on why you originally started,” he said.

And the band has stayed true and has even found what God has laid on their heart.

“I think our calling as a band is to stay focused on the church because this is what really changed our minds — when we opened up for Casting Crowns,” Anderson said. “We were playing all huge churches and arenas. We assumed everyone is saved. We saw 15,000 people come to know Christ for the first time in the church. When you see that there’s a huge mission field in the church, there’s a lot to be fixed, how can you expect the church to go out and heal people when they need to be healed?”

Their upcoming album, they believe, is a mesh between their first two albums.

“It’s definitely much more vertically focused,” he said. “The last record was stories of our lives or (after that was) a call to action. This one is much more of a worship record.”

They look forward to their concert in Morgantown. Playing a high school environment is fitting because youth was a big target of their album “Rise.”

“It (‘Rise’) is more of a record about kind of telling this generation, not only kids and youth but adults, they need to rise up and follow the call God put on their hearts,” Anderson said.

“There’s a mission field right where you’re at. You can be a light into this world. This record is definitely a record about that — calling this generation to rise up and follow your heart and follow the call God’s given you.”

West Virginia North Church of the Nazarene is presenting the concert, which starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $20, and they can be purchased at or You can also charge by phone at 800-965-9324.

For more information, call 594-9029 or go to

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