Randolph and Reynolds

From left, Takiel Randolph and Jason Reynolds are the team behind Beverly Hills Tax Service’s new location in Fairmont. Reynolds is the CEO and Randolph is “the heartbeat,” and local CEO. The two are both Fairmont natives, but Reynolds has lived in Beverly Hills, California for the past 20 years.

FAIRMONT — The Friendly City is a far cry from the craggy skyline of Beverly Hills, California but Jason Reynolds has come back home to help change people’s lives.

Reynolds, CEO of Beverly Hills Tax Service, grew up in Rivesville and worked at his father’s company, Reynold’s Plumbing. But after graduating from Fairmont Senior High in 1994, he attended New York University’s Stern School of Business.

“I can go through this town and point out which houses I had my head in the toilet in when I was 13. ... I always tell people don’t let this suit fool you, I’m a buck-tooth redneck from Fairmont, West Virginia,” Reynolds said.

He wants to serve the community in ways that large, household brand named tax prep services can’t, by providing education, resources and simply listening to the customer. Above all, Reynolds said he wants to build relationships similar to family members or teammates, rather than just someone who does taxes.

“If the relationship we develop turns into something that can impact your life for the better, that’s what we’re here for. For example, the person that just got laid off from the mines has issues. Well, who’s his teammate? Is it the mine? Are they on that person’s side? No, we’re on Fairmont’s side, we’re on the person’s side,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is a five star wealth manager and has been recognized by Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal and was named in the Top 5 percent of financial services firms in the country. He works to help people complete taxes, along with a variety of other financial services and advising. But, Reynolds said he’s frustrated that every time he visits Fairmont, nothing has changed.

“After 20 years in Beverly Hills, of changing lives for the better, I’m coming home, to change lives and to change this place. I’m not here for somebody to come in and give me $50 to do their taxes. If they want to make their life better, we will have conversation and I will present to them what their options are,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds’ partner, Takiel Randolph, is described the “heartbeat of the company,” or the CEO in the company’s West Virginia region. The two have known each other for years and Randolph said Reynolds is like an uncle to him. Randolph is a Fairmont native who is focused on the aspect of helping people.

“I’ve always loved helping people. I probably get that from my mom. My mom’s been a nurse for, like 30 years. So, my mom’s always loved to help people and I like to think she passed it on to me,” Randolph said.

The two are focused on being helpful by providing quality services and advice at affordable prices.

“If anybody has a question about my passion level, ask anybody else who spent 30 years living on Rodeo Drive that’s moved back here. So I’m not here for anybody to tell me ‘I can’t afford you.’ The name Beverly Hills is a service level, not a price level,” Reynolds said.

For more information on Beverly Hills Tax Services in Fairmont, contact 304-657-3311 or email jason@wehandlebiz.com.

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