City council passed an ordinance aimed at reducing the noise from “Jake” brakes on a first reading at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Last month, council tabled an ordinance that would have prohibited excessive use of “Jake” brakes in the city limits.

The new ordinance was created by City Manager Jay Rogers, City Attorney Kevin Sansalone and City Police Chief Kelley Moran. It provides for a change to the city’s traffic code. The change would make it illegal to drive a vehicle with an improperly muffled engine brake in the city. The title of the ordinance specifically lists that use of safety devices is not prohibited.

If the new ordinance is made into law, Rogers said city police officers can pull trucks over that have excessively noisy “Jake” brakes. At that point, it’s up to the driver to prove that their “Jake” brakes aren’t defective.

Rogers said it works the same way as if a driver were pulled over and cited for having window tint that is too dark or for not having proof of insurance.

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