The Marion Commission added to the county’s savings during their meeting here Wednesday.

The commissioners unanimously voted to move $250,000 from the Coal Severance Fund and $250,000 from the county’s General Fund into the Financial Stabilization Fund, which Commission President Alan Parks called the Rainy Day Fund. There will now be over $1 million in that fund, said Wayne Stutler, commissioner.

Stutler pointed out that the funds can be used by county officials in case of an emergency. He added that the money can be transferred out of the Rainy Day Fund and into another fund if needed.

“Companies are only going to be mining coal in this county for another 10 or 15 years,” Parks said. “So the Coal Severance Fund will go way down then.”

“So the county needs a nest egg,” he added.

“I’m just glad the economy is good, and we can put that money into the fund,” said Commissioner Randy Elliott.

The county also heard from Comcast representatives concerning their pending takeover of Mannington TV Inc. Since 1954, Mannington TV Inc. has been providing services to residents in that area. However, Comcast officials are planning on taking over the company sometime around Sept. 30, said Rick Ricchuito, director of new business development for the company’s Three Rivers Region.

“Approximately 1,000 customers will be affected,” Ricchuito said.

Ricchuito added that services for the Mannington TV Inc. customers will be upgraded about 12 to 15 months after Comcast takes over the local provider. Channels will be added to the service and customers will also have the opportunity to purchase high-speed Internet as well as Comcast digital phone service. The services offered will be identical to what current Comcast customers in surrounding areas have available.

The company will offer a basic cable service for $15 with prices going up with upgrades in the service package. The basic service would include 21 channels.

Two appointments were made to local public service districts. James Hayes was appointed to the Mannington PSD, and Robert Riley was appointed to the White Hall PSD.

The commissioners will be holding an informational meeting to discuss the skate park with interested parties in the community on Thursday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. in the commission chambers. The commissioners will be discussing the different types of ramps which will be purchased for the skate park.

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